whose bright idea was that? eu will ban halogen bulbs at the end of the month - after encouraging us to buy them - making lighting our homes twice as expensive

by:C.E.T     2020-05-29
First of all, the EU has banned our traditional incandescent lamps in dispute and encouraged us to buy halogen lamps.
Now they ban the use of halogen lamps and double the cost of home lighting.
The mandatory ban on halogen lamps will take effect at the end of this month.
Under measures designed to reduce energy use, householders will have to buy more expensive LED lights.
The price of LED bulbs is at least twice that of halogen lamps, but advocates believe that they are more valuable because the LED version uses very little electricity and has a longer life, possibly 15 years
The new ban has received attention in the UK, and a recent survey by lighting products company LEDvance found that two of the three Britons did not know that halogen lamps were coming soon.
Despite the benefits of led, even some supporters have questioned whether the EU should force a change, warning that it could lead to discontent with green policy.
Supermarkets sell halogen for about 2 per unit, while the equivalent LED version is about 4, up to 7.
If it is a halogen lamp, it will cost 68 to buy a new light bulb for 34 lamps in a typical home, but doing the same for the LED version may be closer to 50.
The ban on halogen lamps was driven by the EU and supported by successive British governments-although the UK is out of the EU, it seems certain to join.
The policy initially led to a high ban on imports and manufacturing.
Power traditional incandescent lamps in 2009.
This is then extended to other subordinates. power versions.
Families are encouraged to turn to alternatives, especially those promoted as Green halogen classes, but with the adoption of LED lights commonly used in offices, shops and lampposts, these alternatives will be out of date.
Historically, consumers have refused to use LED lights because they are expensive and give glare.
There is also concern that they may not be able to work on dimmers, which means that they produce constant flashing or buzzing noise.
But prices have fallen sharply recently and it is now possible to produce warmer shades in more expensive LEDs.
At the same time, the new lighting system provides different brightness and color.
Conservative London MP Syed Kamall is positive about the benefits of LED bulbs, but says: \"forcing consumers to buy LED bulbs and banning cheaper alternative bulbs,
May lead to discontent with the \"green\" policy.
The move will help households reduce spending, the Energy Conservation Trust said, as LED bulbs use about the fifth energy source burned by halogen hydrocarbons.
Stewart associates of the consumer website TopTenUK.
\"Lighting is essential, and it is often one of the largest consumers of energy, so the move to end the sale of expensive halogen Daikin will be very beneficial,\" said Org.
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