Which Christmas string lights company doing OBM?
C.E.T Lighting Co., Ltd. is developing into a major producers of OBM of high quality Christmas string lights . We'll be accountable for everything, such as development and production, supply chain, delivery, and promotion. In case you have some specifications and samples or pictures, please send us the specifications and we'll create the products depending on your requirements.

Since inception, C.E.T has been actively expanding capabilities for manufacturing Christmas string lights and leads innovative and creative solutions to the changing needs of the industry. C.E.T focuses on providing a variety of Christmas light for customers. The design of C.E.T led Christmas lights is completed. It is carried out by our designers who have a unique understanding of current furniture styles or forms. The lamp holder shape can be customized to fit different bulb types. Xmas lights is representative of Christmas string lights as it has all the merits of Christmas string lights. Its brightness makes it a perfect choice for lining sidewalks or doorways for additional security.

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