what are the different types of energy saving candle bulbs and where to use them?

by:C.E.T     2020-06-10
Do you know there are several different types of energy saving candle bulbs?
They have different colors, sizes and shapes, but they are cost-effective no matter what type of energy-saving candle bulbs you use.
Provides the same benefits as other energy-saving CFL bulbs.
Mention several energy-saving candle bulbs available on the market:. Standard bulb -
It is best to use this type of light bulb in the living room.
They have a variety of power, 25 w, 40 w, 60Wb. Twisted bulb-
Want a fashion lamp that won\'t consume too much energy?
This is a perfect solution for you.
It can be used for any decorative fixture.
Small bayonet cap, bayonet cap and small Edison screw base are available. c. Coloured bulb -
This type of candle bulb is common in hotels, bars, discotheques, but also looks good in your bedroom or entertainment room.
There are different colors to choose from. d.
Professional bulb-
The design imitates the real flame, but this does not produce the flame compared to the real candle. e. Bent tip bulb -
This type of bulb looks like a real candle with a tip. f.
Chandelier bulb
The replacement for standard bulbs is only 15 watts of power. g.
Long bulb life
Ideal for places that are hard to reach.
Its lamp life will last 3,000-
The service life is 8,000 hours.
This generation is aware of the environmental changes on our planet and light industry responds to the needs of consumers by producing efficient lights.
With the popularity of energy-saving lamps in the market, consumers have achieved savings on lighting bills, and the way we \"see the light\" has also changed.
With the use of energy-efficient fixtures, homeowners can save about 80% of their monthly electricity bills because they have experienced this in terms of standard regular fixtures.
There are other benefits of using energy-saving candle bulbs.
In the long run, they live 10 times longer than the life of a standard bulb, saving homeowners the cost of replacement.
It is used at a much lower temperature than the conventional bulb.
This makes these bulbs ideal for accessories or spaces that are not open, they can be placed near delicate types of lampshades, and energy efficient candle bulbs can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Energy-saving lamps provide the same amount of light as traditional lamp balls.
Stop the harmful greenhouse effect by replacing your regular light today with an energy-efficient candle bulb.
We all need to be involved in reducing pollution and preventing climate change.
Use energy-efficient candle bulbs to reduce energy consumption.
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