toilet complex with solar-powered lights on amma mandapam road

by:C.E.T     2020-06-20
As part of efforts to eliminate open defecation, Tiruchirapalli is building a modern temporary toilet on the Cauvey River Bank of the Oman-Mandelpam Highway. The pre-
Assembled structure with solar energy-powered lights.
In addition to providing separate compartments for men and women, it will also include a toilet specially designed for different functions.
The complex has been built on Veereswaram Highway. -
A large amount of open defecation was found along the banks of the Ama-Mandelpam Highway junction.
Company officials hope that toilets will help end this practice.
After the toilet is connected with the underground sewage pipeline, it will be open for public use in the next few days, and trenchless technology will be used to lay pipelines to avoid roads. -cutting.
On Wednesday, Mayor A.
Jaya and District President J. Srinivasan, R.
Gnanaekaran and M.
Lhasa checked the toilet.
The toilet will be cleaned regularly. -the-clock, Ms. Jaya said.
The company is planning to build more such toilets throughout the city to achieve the elimination of urban public toilets by 2015.
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