the \'you\'re with us or against us\' fallacy

by:C.E.T     2020-06-05
Julie Szego believes that the liberal left is hypocritical to oppose the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and she accuses the liberal left of the same flawed logic (\'Principles?
Well, don\'t ask the Liberal, 20/2).
She has adopted the same tactics as George Bush in condemning the left, assuming that any action against the invasion of a country amounts to forgiving the injustices and atrocities that have long existed in her regime.
Szego derdes left, as they apparently remain silent about the Taliban\'s oppression of women and Saddam Hussein\'s anger at the Kurds --
Why, however, is there a myriad of corruption, dictatorship, regime left to its own equipment in the world without the threat of invasion, where Iraq and Afghanistan are listed as necessary targets?
At all times, many violations of fundamental human rights have taken place around the world and many efforts have been made --
Left and right-
Get their attention and solve them.
There is a strong opposition to the use of war as a way to achieve this, and while this is clearly debatable, it is not automatically equivalent to supporting these injustices.
According to Szego\'s logic, can we assume that the United States refuses to invade China and overthrow its regime?
A regime with a poor record of human rights
Equivalent to \"apology\" and support for its actions?
Graham Thomas, MooroolbarkJULIE, I marched against the war in Iraq when I opposed the Vietnam War in the late 1960 s.
I have no objection to the Taliban\'s oppression of women, nor to Saddam\'s massacre of Kurds, nor to China\'s massacre of protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989, nor to the Soviet Union\'s actions in the Czech Republic in 1968, nor does it oppose Chile\'s Pinochet coup in 1973, nor Indonesia\'s invasion of East Timor in 1975, nor Israel\'s invasion of Lebanon in 1982.
It\'s not that I have no opinion on all these issues.
The difference is that Julie, in the case of Iraq and Vietnam, we are involved in the actions of our government that are both illegal and immoral and tarnish us.
My March is unlikely to affect a poorly-reputable government in Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Sudan, Uzbek, Egypt, Israel or the United States --
But it could affect our government.
Of course, you can see that Australians cannot stop atrocities committed by others, but can prevent atrocities involving our government?
Julie Szego makes many ridiculous claims about the hypocrisy of those who oppose the war in Iraq, which requires cake: \"After
We will never know that Iraqi Saddam could have evolved differently if liberals were involved.
\"So now she wants to blame those who oppose the war for the defeat of the war?
Wow, I see why Szego thinks people on the left have \"moral cancer \".
Michael Nolan in eastern Brunswick is very grateful for publishing the wonderful article about liberals left by Julie sago.
When one finally decides to give up this age
Or the official David Hicks Fan Club Newsletter.
You published an opinion article that is actually worth reading.
Since Pamela Bowen and Tony Parkinson proposed a sensible \"old left\" counter
Fascist analysis shows anything so valuable on your page.
I hope Szego\'s article marks a turning point in the tide.
Bill Anderson of Surrey Hillsview is increasingly convinced that the US Army is now ready for a possible attack on the sovereign state of Iran.
There is no doubt that most Australians will be shocked by this prospect, as many have been angry at the plan to invade Iraq from the beginning.
The costs of Iraq\'s continued suffering and destruction now confirm every day the stupidity and moral bankruptcy of the invasion. Today, US Vice-
President Cheney arrived in Australia apparently to express his gratitude to the Australian government for its strong support for US policies in Iraq and elsewhere.
There is no doubt that the possibility of US troops attacking Iran will also be an important topic.
The president met with John Howard and Alexander Downer.
Mr. Cheney\'s visit provided an ideal opportunity for the prime minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs to publicly declare on our behalf their strong opposition to any proposal to attack Iran.
Bridgewater, Sadik Cheney have a significant responsibility for the death, widespread suffering and destruction of many people, certainly much more than David Hicks.
Cheney should immediately return home from the airport, or, if he insists on his right to stay, should be taken to Baxter or Nauru for interrogation.
The internet allows us ordinary people to read blogs and articles from American people who serve in Iraq.
John Howard should read the comments released by US military trainers on the quality and will of the rebuilt Iraqi army.
\"Not worth a Mouse\" will be a fair summary.
The prime minister may consider sending accountants to train Iraqi forces in inventory control, financial practice, materials
All of these are unreliable ordering procedures and accurate payroll records.
He can send Centrelink people to talk about the benefits of going to work.
He can send IR personnel to talk about obeying orders in the workplace. inclu-
Ding Lei ordered a crackdown on militias made up of Shiite compatriots.
Given the incompetence and corruption of the Maliki government, we actually sent our people to train Shi\'ites to kill Sunnis.
It\'s not a good idea, people will think.
Dick Strafford, Clifton springsing, his desperate ad hom-
Kevin Rudd\'s \"a little fulfilling himself\" (The Age, 21/2)-
John Howard showed that he could not debate the argument: his record of war in Iraq.
Instead, he attacked the man.
His prominence of personal factors, rather than resorting to logic or justification, shows why polls become chaotic --
Mr. Rudd\'s blockbuster
Belconn\'s Bob Irwin comments on AIDS and 9/11 of the comments are attributed to judge Michael Kirby (The Age, 21/2)
There are serious doubts about whether he is fit to serve in any judicial capacity, not to mention the High Court of Australia.
The truth is, as an example of intentional killing of innocent Americans and non-Americans, rather than declaring Americans \"obsessed with September 11\"
The American people, what happened that day cannot be exaggerated.
Trying to compare the scourge of AIDS with the cruel, anti-social behaviour of that notorious day is actually stupid and insensitive behaviour.
To date, the main cause of AIDS has been unsafe sex;
In contrast, terrorism is the result of the poison of malice and jealousy.
If the Australian society, body and soul are not shattered by the reported comments, even the threat of AIDS to us will be a drop in the ocean. R. J.
Kelly, CamberwellSTEVE Bracks, looks like he might be a national outcast for refusing to sign Victoria\'s water rights to the federal government (
\"My water plan is better\" at 21/2).
Yes, there needs to be a national approach to our river system, yes, Victoria needs to work together
Cooperate with other states.
But the $10 billion plan outlined by the Prime Minister was not signed by the Cabinet and, in fact, two minutes before midnight, he and his political advisers rushed to come up with an idea.
Steve brakes is correct to delay further details and have more money if needed.
Murray Mark Thompson of John Howard, Elwood
Darling Basin plan is in danger because of trivial
A thoughtful prime minister who puts politics above the national interest.
But I\'m not surprised by Steve Blaken\'s attitude: after all, he has no hope in solving Victoria\'s water problem --
So how can he think of national interests?
The only answer is that the referendum handed over the water supply function to the federal government before all the rivers dried up.
Graeme Elliott of Surrey hillster is not clear which bright sparks from the Howard government have proposed a light bulb ban as a solution to climate change, but they won the award for the title with the least impact of greenhouse gas emission reduction (
Lights out: energy-
The savings switch is the first \"in the world, age, 20/2).
This is equivalent to taking headache tablets for advanced brain tumors.
And use low-
Wattage bulbs and lights that are not used should be encouraged, and home lighting accounts for a small portion of greenhouse gases.
Hot water in typical homes (35 per cent)
Heating and Cooling (26 per cent)
Appliances and refrigerators (24 per cent)
The majority of energy consumption.
Yes, inefficient bulbs should be banned, and in fact should be implemented ten years ago --
But it has shifted attention to the real culprit of the global crisis.
It is an illusion that the government is acting while taking important measures.
Until the Howard government is separated from the powerful, polluting coal industry, until they take renewable energy seriously, before we reduce our dependence on consumption and economic growth at all costs, we can never achieve sustainable development in the environment.
At the same time, \"Nero violin when Rome burns \".
Alan Shepard of Payneham South is pleased to read in the United States that the Australian government is phasing out incandescent lamps.
In the last intellectual battle that could be considered between Nikola Tesla
Inventor of fluorescent bulb)
Thomas Edison
Inventor of incandescent lamp)
, Just when AC beat DC, the fluorescent bulb will eventually succeed.
Although this seems to be a small step in dealing with global warming, any positive efforts made by the public to reduce precious energy waste have reduced greenhouse gas emissions and waste heat generation.
It also shows that the government can play a very positive role in developing legislation to correct potential devastating problems --global warming.
Every point is helpful.
Michael praviza, Henderson, Nevada, when Catherine devini complains about the absurdity and disgust of the Catholic Church (
\"I am an atheist of Jesus,\" 21/2)
, Her attack has the maturity and insight of 12-12year-old.
So she seems to want to speak out to the world.
Cry of many self
You can\'t tell me what to do!
Unfortunately, she fell into the same lazy trap as many fake girls
Catholics, and concluded that, because she was baptized by the Catholic Church, she had the right to attack some of the most complex creeds of Christian theology without knowing about Christian theology.
Living with a religious belief requires humility, and through humility, a person acknowledges what he does not know and strives to seek the truth, even if the journey is difficult.
Deveny\'s attitude reflects the opposite. too-
Common social norms of pride and laziness: I know myself best, I am very satisfied with my way, thank you.
A long time ago, this childish behavior caused a blow.
Tim Cannon, North Fitzroy Kathryn devini, is disrespectful to some people and expresses very clearly what many people think. The breath-of-fresh-
Air style treats religion in a way that is no different from any other theme.
A rocket scientist does not need to recognize that this planet can be observed at very large doses on a regular basis.
David Nichols, chairman of the Australian atheist foundation, Melbourne City Council is trying to make Melbourne a new gay capital in Australia (
Same Sex and City, Metro, 20/2)? The world?
It is totally inappropriate for MCC to make arrangements for people who are not within its jurisdiction.
It is also terrible to think that MCC ignores institutions and relationships that are critical to every stable and powerful society: a family unit built by a man and a woman (
Preferably over 21 years old)
They are committed to each other and to any child who may be taken care of by them.
If implemented, the current MCC proposal will undermine our Victorian/Australian society.
Ronald Frank Sutter, the Melbourne City Council Mount efflin, did a great job in promoting Melbourne as a place to visit --
But it is outrageous to be a victim of minorities.
Since when does the Council have the right to interfere with the responsibility of the state and federal governments?
They are only responsible to taxpayers.
They should insist on registering dogs and cats.
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