the best smart light bulbs for 2019

by:C.E.T     2020-06-07
Do you remember the day we thought it was the highest?
How to turn on the lights?
Thankfully, it didn\'t last long.
Now we have an ecosystem. and budget-
The friendly light bulb made us applaud for completely different reasons.
We have listed the best lights, money
Energy-saving bulbs that are also keen to protect the environment, but smart bulbs are not exactly the same. The bulbs —
First of all, the color series by Philips-
It\'s a flood\"
Because of their ecological home
Friendly advantages and strong integration with smartphones and a variety of smart devices, including Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.
While it may be easy to turn your lights on and off with your phone, it is not easy to choose the bulb that suits you.
To help, we have compiled a list of the smartest and brightest bulbs available.
Lighting up your home has never been so easy.
Element Classic A19 kit provided by Sengled is a brand new kit at an affordable pricein-
A kit with two bulbs and a hub as well as an Ethernet cable is included.
The power of 800 lumens is emitted with only 9 watts of energy, these super
Efficient bulbs will last 25,000 hours.
They can also be connected to your Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, allowing hands-on operation
Free voice control.
The Element Home app is compatible with bothiOS or Android, and the group control feature allows you to turn on or off all lights at Home at the same time.
You can also schedule the time you want to turn on the lights and plan your morning by waking upTime function.
The performance section shows you how much power you use relative to the money you save.
This is the perfect equipment for newbies. Sengled Wi-
The injured Wi-
The Fi Smart Bulb is connected to your 2.
4 GHz network without Hub.
Super easy to set up.
All you have to do is download the Sengled Home app and screw in the light bulb and the light bulb will flash off and on to show that it is ready.
Once you have completed the usual steps (
Login, connect the device to Wi-Fi, etc. )
, You can control dimmable smart lights through your mobile phone or Amazon Alexa voice.
The low cost and simple installation of this product is a perfect starter bulb.
The Sengled WiFi light bulb is in soft white with 2700 K. FluxSmart Wi-
Connected LED light ROYGBIV BulbNot general Rainbow, FluxSmart Wireless
The Fi LED bulb has over 16 million different colors that allow you to create a color palette to match each of your moods.
On 2014, FluxSmart released Bluetooth technology and began to produce smart bulbs. enabled bulb.
Now, the company offers LEDs from thin wires to Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs.
This FluxSmart Wireless
LED bulb is its color
Conscious Light can produce 800 lumens with only 10 watts of power.
The setting of each bulb is simple and can last 20,000 hours with twoyear warranty.
Mobile app, Wi-attached-
Fi Pro is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and is connected to Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. The apt-titled wake-
The Up function also allows you to set a timer to turn on the light slowly in the morning, and when you feel a blue color that only John Legend can fix, the music sync function changes lightning, to match the music you are currently listening.
Is it convenient?
If you need to carry Philips tone Go with you, Philips tone Go is your ideal choice.
You can plug the device into a power outlet for the light show on the wall, or unplug it and use it as a compact core.
It can also last for three hours when fully charged, and its 300-
Lumen bulbs can last 20,000 hours before they need to be replaced.
To use the light, just press the button on the back.
Philips shades have 7 different lighting effects including warm white light, vibrant daylight and 5 natural dynamic lights.
You can even compare Philips Hue Go with Hue bridge (not included)
, Allowing you to fully control home lighting through your smartphone.
Currently, the device works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. Kasa Smart Wi-
LED bulb-Fi
Smart Wi for Kasa-need adjustable WhiteNo color or decor
Fi LED bulbs offer dimmable soft white light for all occasions. The 800-
The life rating of the lumen bulb is also 22.
8 years, energy consumption decreased by 80% compared to 60-1
Watt incandescent lamps without loss of brightness or quality.
The accompanying mobile app Kasa Smart can be said to be one of the simplest Smart home applications.
You can remotely manage everything from your phone or tablet, as well as your Echo device, Google Assistant, Cortana, IFTTT, and Nest, making it the most powerful bulb.
Wake up with the sun in circadian mode-
Automatically match the appearance of the light to the time of day by adjusting the brightness and temperature
Or track your energy consumption using the above application.
All you need is a secure Wi-Fi connection —
Hub is not required.
The Lifx mini white is the perfect compact light bulb for lighting bedside tables or home offices, giving out 800 lumens with just 9 watts of energy.
You can use the company\'s proprietary cloud technology and eco-
The friendly LED has a service life of 22.
Eight years and two months. year warranty.
Like many bulbs in our list, the Lifx app is compatible with bothiOS and Android and works with voice services such as Apple\'s Home Suite, Alexa and Google Assistant.
It also doesn\'t need a center, which makes this ray of sunshine more enjoyable.
Health A19 ($19)
The healthy bulb of Soraa is designed with \"zero blue\" technology.
According to the Harvard Medical School publication, blue light affects your sleep.
We have been exposed to blue light from phones, tablets, computers and other devices.
In a healthy bulb, Soraa offers a lighting solution that does not interfere with our sleep by eliminating blue light and buzz.
The healthy bulbs for Soraa are 2,700K soft white and dimmable, but in the traditional sense they are not smart because they are not connected to Wi-Fi.
\"Wisdom\" is more in the field of science.
Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter KitIf you are willing to spend more money on installing smart lighting at home and Rhythm Smarter Kit is the light show of your dreams.
With it, you can create your own world of color (
Water is not included)
Or just put nine, triangle-
On your wall, no matter what shape of panel your mind wants.
You can completely customize the lights in the Nanoleaf Smarter series of applications, or create the scene and set the schedule --
The panel is connected to all typical voice services (
Apple and Google Assistant).
The coolest feature, however, is called rhythm, which allows the lighting panel to react to music from all genres in real time.
With a smarter kit, you become the conductor of your own light Symphony, which will react to every burning guitar improvisation, Bass descent, and vocal solo.
See our full review of Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit (here).
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