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by:C.E.T     2020-01-23
Belfast External LampIt fills your garden nicely with atmospheric candles and fairy lights, but sometimes you just need to see where you are going or what you are doing.
This retro lamp is hung on the wall with complete functions;
You can hang these outside the house and create the atmosphere with the above fantasy. Job done.
Venue: garden trade (
0845 608 4448 www. gardentrading. co. uk)
How much: 50 fairy lights have nothing more to represent the party than a bunch of fairy lights in the garden.
Despite being warned, small flashes add to the atmosphere to any small or large garden, and you need more than you think to make any impact.
These bulbs have 100 LED warm white bulbs that extend to 10 m, but keep in mind that you can\'t hang them on a straight line, so aim at three times at least for decent results.
You need to buy a starter plug and rectifier-you don\'t need to know what that is, you just need to buy one.
Location: light s4 fun (0800 061 2532; www. lights4fun. co. uk)
How much: 35 hanging glass lights these exquisite glass gadgets are hanging on trees and even look beautiful in the windows.
Each one has a tea lamp, they are either a simple circle or a tear.
They hang off the spring, which means that you can adjust it to the desired length, although individually they don\'t look expensive, if you want to create any kind of effect, you may need a few sets.
Location: RKAlliston (0845 130 5577; www. rkalliston. co. uk)
How much: 5.
75 single and 22 sets of four organic HurricaneI always felt that there was something terrible about the candles in the garden, where there might be an unexpected gust of wind, but this one had a lid and the things on it were safer. The frost-
The proof light is made of charcoal terracotta warriors with frosted glass on top and looks like a glowing stone.
For the atmosphere, it is more important than actually seeing what you are doing, that a group of three to five people will be very atmospheric on the steps or around the bottom of the flower bed.
Location: Panik design (01908 307020; www. panik-design. com)
How much: £ 15 spike Spike has all sorts of rules for lighting your garden.
You can use uplters to highlight lovely trees or spots for your path.
The main thing is not to select all the options.
These spots of Hunza are carefully hidden in the bottom of the tree or in the flower bed, projecting light up, showing the plants and illuminating the surrounding area.
They are copper or stainless steel, and they can also be powder coatings in other colors such as white, primrose or olive green.
Location: Moonlight Design (020-8925 8693; www. Moonlight Designco. uk)
How much: it can be seen from 61 Joe 90 lanterns that many garden lights look rather monotonous and useless when they are not used during the day, but the effect of these flowers is very much like the big poppy seed head.
They are very light so feel free to move and just need a tealight to come in.
Apple Green and rope, one metre tall, even the most rampant flower beds.
Venue: garden trade (0845 608444; www. gardentrading. co. uk)How much: £12.
50 Globo Out E1Earlsmann supplies lighting garden furniture and lighting to bring a wonderful sculptural glow to your garden.
These glowing spheres are the easiest, but you can also choose the chairs and tables of the froma series, all of which can be done internally or externally, if you don\'t like anything on the site, you can delegate your own project.
The lights were produced by the Italian company Slide.
Location: Elsman (01884 855320; www. earlsmann. co. uk)
How much: eight sizes starting at £ 112, 30 cm garden lights, simple by name, simple by design, these spikes grow on the ground, you throw a tea lamp in so you can stop it from going out.
In less than £ 10, you can dot a few dots around the garden, or gather them in a corner, and their unobtrusive shape means being abandoned in the flower bed during the day.
Location: Great Illusion (01747 858300; www. grandillusions. co. uk)How much: £6.
95 each soft glowing solar lighting garden lighting can be very expensive compared to the months of the year, and you may be sitting in the dark.
The bag of two solar lights is cheap and cheerful, and the light is indeed softer than many existing lights.
These are handy for weird impromptu parties, but if you go to solar for ecological reasons, you may need to spend more money to light up your garden or balcony.
Location: Homebase (0845 077 8888; www. homebase. co. uk)How much: £27.
95 globglob Solar lighting technology has been improving and many Solar lights will now give up lighting up to 8 hours-which is long enough for most dinners.
These spheres will float on the surface of the water and will also sit on the ground and change by a series of colors.
Having said that, charging requires plenty of direct sunlight, so don\'t rely on it as your primary light source.
The company also sells a range of more advanced solar lights.
Venue: Garden Project (0870 803 1506; www. gardenitems. co. uk)How much: £27.
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