surrey\'s karice enterprises a family business illuminating the lighting world

by:C.E.T     2020-05-30
That\'s always the answer, Morris Derry argues.
\"Lighting can play a bigger role in feeling, in the atmosphere of space,\" he said . \".
Dery should know.
As one of the owners of Surrey, who works with his wife Karen and son Jordan, he is well aware of how much a good lighting device can change, even the most common lighting device (
We dare say basic. of spaces.
\"One bedroom, for example.
We are all used to seeing a small bedroom with a small glass fixture on the ceiling.
That bedroom looks like a typical bedroom.
Four walls and a textured ceiling.
\"When you walk into a room like this and put a unique light fixture in it, it completely changes the mood of that room . . . . . . It really illustrates the emotional direction of the room, the feeling of the room.
\"Maybe it knows that an amazing light fixture has 25-
Years of experience in lighting, he created devices such as forearm, joy, Moks, kegs, and so on, so he was confused by the current trend of comparison and home decoration.
\"The key we find now is simplicity.
\"The lighting is simple,\" said Dery.
\"I used to joke about it and call it a light bulb on a stick and I thought \'Why do people like this? \'
Too simple style lacks the sophistication he has seen in the past few years, says Dery.
This is the loss of his discomfort. Not at all.
\"When we first started, we did a lot of forging and we did a lot of sculptures.
\"Beautiful, beautiful works,\" he recalls . \".
\"Now, a lot of the time, when we try to do something more mainstream, we always think in our minds, \'Light bulbs on sticks, light bulbs on sticks \'.
Dery said that the lack of design will also lead to a reduction in practicality.
\"We have lost functionality in design,\" he said . \"
\"It looks cool, but does it do what we really want it to do?
Does it illuminate the space the way I want it? ”“They (
Bulb on the stick)
Really, nothing.
They look cool, but they do nothing.
This is also a trend in the furniture industry, says Dery --
This is another annoyance for senior lighting designers.
\"I even saw this on the furniture.
We saw this shift, back to what we saw in our 70 s, and I could talk about this, because I was nearby at that time, a very square table with slight legs, he said above.
\"I was thinking, \'Oh my God, it\'s back again \'--
Then I hate it!
\"Or I go to the restaurant and they have benches.
Have you been on the bench for more than 20 minutes?
Uncomfortable. It’s not cool.
This is the latest trend, and I think, \'Why are we going to do these people?
Why wouldn\'t it evolve in another way to make it a functional design?
When prompted to provide reasons for over-simplifying lighting and decoration, Dery provides an insightful response, if disturbing.
\"It may sound a bit harsh, but I think we are losing the deal.
\"We are losing technical talent,\" he said . \"
\"People entering the business do not have the skills to go beyond simple fixtures.
That\'s why Morris wants to enhance the level of technological elements and innovation displayed through his new da Vinci series.
\"I deliberately made things extremely complicated,\" he said . \"
\"I want to make a statement saying, \'Hey, look, this is the design-
It is functional and practical, but also complex.
I had a good time.
\"While the creation was exciting, Morris realized the design because it was a gear
Like components, not for everyone.
\"We won\'t sell it to everyone in the block,\" he admits with a smile . \".
The design of Karice shopises\', including The Da Vinci series, will be exhibited at the luxury home design show in Vancouver along with other unique and exceptional home decor pieces.
The exhibition highlights the creation of artisans, many of which are unique, Morris said. of-a-
Beautifully decorated items are a treasure trove of discoveries and inspirations.
\"The world doesn\'t really know the gems,\" he said of his fellow exhibitors, such as the ancient stone art, Chan and Gilroy stained glass from FSOARK.
\"It\'s so unique.
According to the organizers of the event, the exhibition is not only about education, but also about introducing special works to the public.
\"It\'s about the need to educate consumers about these luxury and gems that are available on the Vancouver Metro,\" said Lauren de Phillips of the luxury home and design show . \".
Exhibitor space is only invited, which leads to carefully curated luxury products that are considered the best suppliers in their respective industries.
\"We are looking for a certain level of quality,\" she said . \".
DePhillips said that the concept of planning luxury was very popular in 2015 (
Last event in Vancouver)
They doubled in size by 2018 and added international elements.
\"We are very excited to welcome people to this year\'s show, because one of the things we focus on is the global curation,\" said DePhillips . \". \"Now we have St.
Louis Shipping Limited
The crystal version from France will be on display at the show, we have Kisendo, it\'s a century
Japanese ironman who makes pots and other collectibles.
Visitors will be able to buy from exhibitors, says DePhillips, simply prepare a price tag that fits the \"deluxe\" name.
While the show is no doubt biased towards the luxury design industry and the homeowner crowd, DePhillips encourages all design enthusiasts to stop and have a look even if they don\'t buy it.
\"Everyone can come and be inspired,\" she said . \".
\"Not everyone who comes will have a $10 million house, but that doesn\'t mean you don\'t appreciate a house that\'s built very well for $10 million.
\"When we put the top (exhibits)
For people, our show does not mean limiting anyone.
People are welcome.
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