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by:C.E.T     2020-06-02
\\ \"For a successful marriage, you need to love each other forever.
\"When there is a connection between the two souls, the alliance should be equally beautiful.
This beautiful bond is not between two people, but between two families.
Each of the bride and groom\'s imperfections is combined to make them a perfect pair.
Your perfect combination deserves a unique marriage decoration so that it can also leave an eternal impression in the heart of your guests.
If you are planning to prepare for a wedding, a wedding in Bangalore is the best example.
There, the beautiful wedding decorations are filled with the charm and personality of the countryside and are perfect for potentialbe new pair.
The theme wedding decoration is the new trend and the choice of everyone.
From invitations to wedding cakes, theme inspiration can give your wedding a surreal look.
Top 5 wedding decoration themes in India
The watercolor theme of the traditional wedding has all the right decorative elements.
But you can inject a new theme on the basis of watercolor painting to weave unique inspiration.
You can choose fun shapes like apentagon or the invitation card scrolling shape.
You can customize the mat with abstract colors.
You can decorate your venue with colored beads and tassels from micro mirrors. 2.
Theme themes these are the most strange but lovely themes and have a personal feel for the whole decor.
You can start with a personalized wedding theme on your wedding dress, napkins and invitations.
It can be the initials of you and your spouse.
You can also use two full names made up of flowers.
You can highlight the venue with soft colored curtains and bright exotic flowers.
You can highlight floral decorations with light satin ribbons.
The combination of block colors will bring an elegant look to your decor. 3.
If you do not have a garden area, you can easily turn your indoor area into an outdoor one.
You can use the carpet as the basis.
Twisting artificial vines and flowers together gives you the illusion of an outdoor wedding decoration.
You can also use fairy tale lights and hanging lanterns in golden tones to make the entire venue look like a forest. 4.
This theme has brought fascinating effects to the whole ceremony.
This is a fantastic combination, decorated with shiny transparent curtains in the shades of blue, lavender and duck water and bright hanging lights.
As shown in the movie, you can wrap the hanging lights in crystal to create a romantic background.
The dim white light with sparkling crystals creates an ethereal background in the celebration and is full of vitality. 5.
Who doesn\'t want a royal wedding?
You can buy a golden wedding decoration with artificial arches and pigsty-
Cross pillar as central background.
You can create a sense of elegance and mystery by using curtains and wall hangings, combined with gold and velvet chestnut colors, with minimal artificial gold beads.
At the entrance you can put a huge glass marriage card with all your custom vows written on it.
You can hire a reliable professional to make your celebration even bigger.
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