retro industrial chandelier - don\'t forget the lighting when going for the industrial look

by:C.E.T     2020-06-04
Lighting and paint are just as part of the decoration as the floor, and many people tend to skip this step and go to boring or traditional places.
My sister is an electrician and she has convinced many customers to change what difference lamps can make to the space and express their personality.
Industrial apartments-
Think about the old metal and wood, and many of the old stone buildings are being renovated and updated to include the charm of the past and modern amenities, and have been transformed into an industrial style apartment for living.
You may automatically think of some dirty mechanic shop when you think \"industrial\", but that\'s not the case.
Most hotels have high ceilings and open spaces that require different styles of decoration.
We looked at one in town and were excited about the space, but we thought the decoration should match the style of the space very well.
I thought the traditional fixtures would be lost in a vintage style.
When I was looking for ideas, I encountered many cool devices that met the requirements.
They are modern in connection with updated security specifications (
So don\'t worry about fire)
But it looks very old and has a lot of metal, which adds to the atmosphere of this space style. Credit: amazon.
Amazon price for multiple adjustable DIY lights for modern industrial catering decoration: $179. 99 $76.
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