restaurant design awards: aia announces finalists including eveleigh, nobu malibu

by:C.E.T     2020-01-22
The American Institute of Architects has released this year\'s nomination list for restaurant designer Choice Awards, and the vote is now open online.
The jury, including architect George Kelly, writer and editor Margo Doherty and restaurant owner Warner Ebbink, has been selected for nine finalists in the restaurant design category.
Nominated for 2013 restaurant design awards. . .
The restaurant category in Los Angeles is West Hollywood.
The atmosphere of the cottage and the seasonal menu.
Eclectic rustic interior design by Nick Mathers, open to the garden-
The restaurant faces stunning blackboard menus and banquet seating.
Superba tapas bar in Venice serving small plates and house-
Make pasta in modern Italian environment, lay
Southern California surfer atmosphere designed by Reed architecture group and design company.
Photo: two sushi restaurants in Southern California have launched 23 cool cocktails in Nobu Malibu and Yojisan sushi in Beverly Hills.
Nobu Malibu, designed by Montalba Architects and PCH Studios, moved some locations earlier this year.
The new Nobu has a clean aesthetic that combines organic materials and sea views.
Yojisan Sushi of Dan Buren construction is starker;
The architect used bold geometric forms to highlight the color scheme of ivory, red and black.
Belecampo Meat Co. , Ltd.
In La xpur, California.
Full-service butcher\'s counter, restaurant and classic farmhouse-style grocery store are available.
Designed by BCV Architects, it goes from 10,000-
Acre farm a few miles north
The focus of the menu is the glass meat cabinet, which customers can see behind the counter.
Further along the coast is Seattle, designed by Heliotrope architects.
The two restaurants have joined the space and now coexist on the first floor of the Fremont Collective, a converted warehouse space.
Although both restaurants use their industry-
Stylish nature and exposed raf son, the Joules take up a deeper space with a fire pit and blue wall panels inside. Its husband-and-
The wife\'s cooking team is known for its traditional Korean cuisine in a modern steakhouse.
The whale won, bright, airy, friendly, white in monochrome-on-
White decoration as a tailgate for simple vegetablescentric menu.
Waters in Fort Worth is an upscale seafood restaurant that is displayed by Preen Inc.
Waters has neutral colors and leather chairs that show the classic look in the form of a statement piece.
A slender hanging chandelier is surrounded by a string of shells above the bar, and a floating mobile phone is vaguely like a flashing fish scale, with the theme of the sea.
On the east coast there are Estadio in Washington and Outliers restaurants in Portland, Maine.
Estadio means \"stadium\" in Spanish, serving contemporary northern Spanish cuisine in a restaurant designed by GrizForm Design arts, the restaurant is covered with 19th-century Spanish ceramic tiles and intricate steel works, bullfighting and flamenco murals.
The walls of the Outliers restaurant designed by Remi are also striking; two wave-
Like the presentation wall with sculpture relief, it adds a warm texture to the contemporary space.
Perhaps the most prominent feature of the departure value is its male bathroom;
The men\'s toilet is a full-
Tribute to writer HunterThompson.
Voting will begin at noon on June 17.
The restaurant designer selection award will be announced at the Live Design Awards ceremony on June 22, as well as awards in the categories of cafes/bars and lounges/nightclubs, after a panel discussion with the jury and the nominee on restaurant design.
In the cafe/bar category, la nominated a beer belly designed by MAKE Architecture;
Planned inspection of kitchen and bar designed by Raveled Studio and Terry Heller;
Sweet crush designed by 64 North.
Lounge/nightclub Category: Los Angeles Pour Vous designed by the Houston hotel;
SHOREbar in Santa Monica, designed by Built;
Chambers drinks in San Francisco by Samonsky Pometta architects and Mr.
Important design
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