police vehicles get led lights for easier identification

by:C.E.T     2020-01-27
Police and patrol vehicles operating within the city have installed flashing LED lights as part of efforts to improve visible policing.
The LED light has been installed in four-
The wheels used by the Inspector of the security police and the crime department, except for road patrol vehicles and two-
A tricycle used by the police while patrolling the city.
Blue and red LED lights are installed to make it easy for the public to identify police cars
Two and Two Wheelerswheelers -
Even in the evening.
The lights were provided using a state-approved Road Safety Fund.
Police chief A. posted LED lights at the city police armed reserve base and installed vehicles on Thursday
Allen told reporters that measures will be taken soon to install the lights at eight checkpoints, and 51 police officers beat boxes installed in different parts of the city.
Even if the vehicle is idle, the lights will flash.
He said it would help the public to seek the help of staffed police officers in any emergency.
The lights have been installed in 36 four
Two wheelers and 34-wheelers.
The commissioner said that the visible police work was taken seriously in order to prevent crime and maintain law and order.
Registration of cases related to theft of two persons
He added that the wheels were also being done when such cases were reported.
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