Patio Light

Bulb light are new products we developed this year. Most of them have a bulb cover with plastic or glass. And our products use a lot of independent research and development technology, especially the replaceable filament we developed exclusively.

Our current bulb products

The retro bulb lamp series - the retro bulb lamp has a lamp type and a droop type, a glass cover design and a retro tungsten filament shape.

The party light series - comes with a unique replaceable filament and the glass bulb can be equipped with a unique reverse screw thread design. Can use plastic bulb cover or glass bulb cover

Wind lamp series - unique wind chime style lighting, available in 3pcs and 5pcs, with a choice of replaceable filaments.

Lantern Series - The reference lantern design is available in silver and bronze and can be fitted with a replaceable filament and plastic bulb cover. You can also choose the internals of the copper wire

Cotton ball light series - cotton ball design has two choices of 15cm diameter and 30cm diameter, using soft filament or copper wire lamp.

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