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by:C.E.T     2020-01-28
At this time of year, our gardening expert, rabbit Guinness, stood behind at those last festival feasts.
Cars loaded with Christmas trees and gadgets have passed me for weeks and I haven\'t even put my hands on a holly tree.
However, there will be a series of festival activities in the next few hours, and the garden will be the top priority.
Boxing Day sales are also worth a look so you can get great decorative items on New Year\'s Eve.
Which live trees are suitable for decoration?
The four \"naked\" ince trees in our yard were quickly brushed onto the trunk with diluted white latex paint, giving them a ghostly glow.
This does not hurt the trunk and slowly disappears over the next few months.
If you use live potted winter green trees, eucalyptus, pussy willow, rosemary, bay and box, you can re-
Each year they are invented and shaped into full or trimmed specimens.
With my lemon tree, on the comfortable porch, I stabbed the lemons with a thin wooden string and fixed them to the other end, adding a layer of lemon.
You can add them to the holly trees, eucalyptus trees or rosemary trees with mini clementines.
The easier thing to do is to pass the wide ribbon through the canopy.
Bury garden center near Oxford (www. burford. co.
British 01993 823117)
, They have a convincing white pint of red flowers with clips (£125)
The tree can be converted in seconds.
There are also flower pots decorated with fir fruits, nuts and acorns (£795)that look hand-made.
Everything is good outside.
Do experts have any suggestions?
Guy Prun from Clifton nursery in London says he likes to bring a theme from the house to the garden.
They decorate the Christmas tree outside, as in the inside, hanging mini gifts on branches, wrapped in cellophane or film to prevent rain.
They also hung a small pottery jar planted with three-color wolves on the tree.
Mini plastic basin planted and wrapped with black square, with a layer of cellophane outside, also looks interesting.
The fat ball of the bird, inlaid with holly berries, is perfect for stringing, and with a pastry cutter you can make stars, moon and other shapes to connect them.
Is there an unusual light outside?
During the long dark journey, I passed the Blenheim Palace and saw two Christmas trees at the door, decorated with light blue LED lights.
They are more simple than all the other intricate lighting shows I have passed after hundreds of miles.
LED lights are everywhere this year, including batteries and mains. Konst Smide (www. konstsmide. com)
It has light blue and other colors of 133 m, and the price is about 25. Their battery-
The operating light is only 3 m long and costs 650 (
Available from Burford Garden Center). Thinking long-
In terms, it is worth putting a few discreet outdoor outlets near the front door so that you can easily pull out the display, such as the LED light mesh thrown on a large bush, or you can buy fake Willow \"little branches\" that look great with little lights on them.
They are up to 15 m high in size and are manufactured by Konst Smide, but Burford stores £ 49 for a large sample.
Point a tree or bush from the bottom, and the emergency light is useful and inconspicuous.
They sell from the garden center for £ 1450.
How can I light the driveway?
In Italy, I saw a hotel lighting up their long drive with a double line candle in a shallow foil box.
The lights give off a lot of light and burn on a wild night.
No one seems to sell these basic but durable candles here, so I do it myself and it takes about 15 minutes.
I use an empty foil flan box or an old cookie jar of about 18 cm (7in)
Diameter from 3-edge9cm high.
These wide candles work so well outside because the large width of the wax is combined with the fat core to ensure a bright, strong flame that does not extinguish.
I buy paraffin (£369/kg)Holder of Wick (79p for 10)
Thick wick (£159 for 6m)
From Fred Aldo (
0161 236 4224, www. fredaldous. co. uk)
But good craft stores should be in stock.
The 75mm wick is the easiest to buy, so I made up three Wick to get the thickness I needed.
A kilo of wax can grow two or three. Long lasting candle
It sounds like a hard job, but it just needs to melt the wax in the old pan and throw it in the jar.
You can reuse cans and take them out whenever you pull the crowd.
Can you give me some interesting ideas about the front door?
I will hang two large green \"Globes\" and see the soft LED lights from both sides of my door.
The globe can be made by tying the two basket frames together, and then installing a small piece of light around them.
By wiring on green plants (
Any evergreen tree will do it, but some mistletoe branches will add to the fun)
You can hide the frame but keep the outline of the ball.
The leaves on the front door are tied to the thick rope of the fingers, connected with Ivy, and ready very fast.
Place potted white daffodils, letters, or immortals on either side of the door and light up several stylish lanterns, such as contemporary stainless steel lanterns, from the culinary concept (www.
Cultural concept. co. uk; 0870 2411689).
The mail order or garden center offers their cave-in, lighthouse and triangular lanterns for £ 49 and £ 95.
Then all that\'s left to do is put on the festive smile.
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