oh, for a chandelier that swings

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2005 chandeliers are like babies.
Once you have one, or want one, you will find them everywhere: Park Avenue apartments in fashion shop windows, trendy clubs, beauty dentists.
When I recently went to Paris, they came again: at the new headquarters of our hotel\'s elegant restaurants Crillon and Baccarat, Philip Stark flooded one in a huge tank.
At the New York International Gift Show at the Javits Convention Center last month, almost all other stalls were sold.
Even urban refiners sell a plastic called champagne foam for $20.
So, just like babies and many other things in life, what begins as a deep personal pursuit is not original at all. It\'s a trend.
\"The chandelier is getting hot every day,\" said Maxwell Jilin ham --
Ryan is an interior designer who runs a Web log of home furniture called Apartmenttherapy. com.
\"It\'s all part of a shift from modern diversity --the-
A room light source with a central light.
Murray Moss, of SoHo design store Moss, said: \"advertising kills chandeliers, and the popularity of track and embedded lighting about 30 years ago.
\"The history of light is about light sources,\" he said . \"
Then a more intangible quality becomes the focus.
\"The chandelier did not leave our consciousness until about five years ago,\" he added . \".
\"30 years later, we began to miss the magic of the source.
\"Advertising my own desire for benefits --
The downward version of what Liberace\'s piano could have been decorated stems from the renovation and rethinking of the harsh minimalist bachelor in my history, who dug into a feminine home. As Dr.
If suss had written a book about decoration, he might have changed the mat from cad to dad.
Replace three sperm.
Flos pendant lamp, once in the shape of steel-
The top cocktail bar is a chandelier. But which one? The exploration began.
On the lamp strip in Bowery, as long as you light up a Chinese restaurant, you can find any chandelier you want.
They did not shy away from the splendor there.
This is the ABC Carpet and family on the next Broadway. it\'s old-
But I think it\'s mod and minimalist in the strict sense.
Until I saw some Murano chandeliers in Oggi Lighting in colors like eggplants and peaches, I found myself flirting with design --
Low, these gorgeous, fruity 19 th
Century candy.
It\'s not a problem, sir. Gillingham-Ryan assured me
\"The good thing about the chandeliers is that they come back more as furniture than as lights,\" he said . \".
\"That\'s why you think of them because you recognize a new and cool thing that you can attend a room. It\'s O. K.
Have this feeling for them.
As noted by Steven Gambrel, a decorator with a male or even muscular style, \"The Murano chandelier is an early modernist version of the traditional chandelier. \" Mr.
Gambrel happily blends traditional French crystals with modern decor.
\"They are no longer seen as stuffy or busy now,\" he said . \".
Because their furniture is cleaner. lined rooms.
This is a place to introduce some beautiful details.
If the apartment has been \"completed\" or completed, he will have the electrician install one or two junction boxes in the center of the ceiling when he arrives.
He hinted that a chandelier on the table was a bit cliché and when I indicated it was my plan, he politely stepped back.
He said that the two chandeliers on the two tables were more \"casual \". Very good.
My wife and I didn\'t put a \"J box\" on the ceiling because during the construction we couldn\'t decide where the table would go.
Our solution is to put the box on the wall, which means to hang the chandelier, we have to extend the wire or chain from the wall to the hook on the ceiling.
Cheesy, but what else can I do?
When I was in the antique shop, I met Kerson 20 th century design on West 24 th Street.
Owner Michael Wilson is an expert in chandelier.
His goods began in a century.
The old Austrian model, which exposes light bulbs, presents new power technologies to a disturbing relic of 1950s\'s man-made satellite shape, 60 swirls, and 80 Memphis.
Coveted elegant copperand-
He said the brass was hung in a boutique in Paris in the 1950s.
\"Warm metal\" is back again. Wilson said.
Copper and Brass and 24-karat plate.
\"Oh, it\'s $14,000.
The exploration continues.
The ABC carpet hangs no less than a dozen outside its entrance, but it is all antique.
Retro Las Venus
The fashion supplier on the second floor of ABC has several American companies called Camer\'s Lenny Kravitzian, ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.
But their dense hanging crystal cylinder felt blocking us too much of our sight, so I ruled them out.
One advantage of a traditional chandelier is the ability to see through it that its inverted parabola bends outward from the stem.
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In Moss, I will buy a 40-inch-
Diameter white glass fiber ball produced by Dutch pioneer
Gardist Moooi and the see-
Through the quality of sugar.
Then it appears on the window of a hair salon opposite my wife\'s office to make it look more beautiful
More avant-garde.
Speaking of the enlightened Dutchman, Moss has an exhibition in its new wing dedicated to Tord Boontje, where the romantic chandelier of Tord Boontje drives the current boom. The show (through Sunday)
Including flowers, a creation decorated with lights
The glowing second-class tube and Swarovski crystal for $25,000.
Shop downstairs is 1997 chandelier zettelz 5 from Ingo Maurer with 31 prints and 49 blank sheets of paper (
A design that is popular enough and can also be sold by design). Mr. Moss said Mr.
Maurer is one of the few designers who insist on using chandeliers in the dark ages of 70, 80 and 90. Mr.
Maurer clearly thought a lot about the chandelier.
\"For years, progressive, modern, thoughtful people did not like them because they were symbols of conservative thought and imperialism,\" he said . \".
Today, he added that the association with conservatives has disappeared and people like them: \"The interesting things that sparkled.
\"For him.
Five years ago, Moss returned to \"magic of the source\" and participated in the exhibition on the 18 th.
Century porcelain
Set in a table to 32 hanging Cellula, the chandelier baroque crystal shakes the stainless steel pipe rod by Nunzia Carbone, Tiziano Vudafieri in 1996.
He bought only five of them, assuming they were too unpopular to sell.
But he said he sold about a hundred pounds a year.
\"This has always been a romantic object . \"
Moss said the revival of the chandelier was attributed to the reaction to minimalism.
\"It allows in a high-
Technical environment.
\"But in the year 00 s, another inevitable trend emerged: the ironic chandelier. Mr.
Starck\'s black crystal for baccarat looks like a prop for Al Pacino\'s satanic nest in Devil\'s face.
Matthew Dillin in Brooklyn
Based on the lighting designer, another is made with a cartoon silhouette of a traditional chandelier, with two colors of neon lights.
\"If the person on the road dropped a chandelier on him, it would look like this . \"
Dilling, whose company is called Lite Brite Neon.
He added that the chandelier has changed from \"street credibility\" to \"acceptable cool \".
\"The ad appeared in a design store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,\" Future Perfect \"selling Lite Brite chandeliers, the store\'s owner, Dave alhadev, acknowledged a crush on\" Chandra.
He said, \"This is a way to change the look of the room with an item. \"One item.
It\'s hard to let go of a design perfectionist. Between not-modern-
Enough and post-modern crazy lies.
Then a British company called Pepper
Mint appears on my screen.
Its T4 Palace for around $570 makes a Venetian chandelier in a flat, non-circular acrylic section, transparent and light blue.
\"I \'ve been exploring in recent years how to restore form to its essence,\" Pepper-Designer of mintShe uses tea-
The candle that lit her chandelier was not a light bulb.
What else is more romantic, more memorable, and more enjoyable than this?
Even better, it hangs on an adjustable cable. No J-
The box is necessary, so there is no tacky chain on the wall.
You don\'t see it anywhere. Now you will.
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Oh, for the rocking chandelier.
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