massive chandelier crowning touch to empress hotel’s big renovation

by:C.E.T     2020-01-26
A huge customization
The floral-themed chandelier was crafted by the famous Czech lighting company Lasvit for the renovated lobby of the Queens Hotel.
The chandelier is made in the company\'s Shanghai studio, which calls it Crystal mesh.
A hotel official said that although the weight of the chandelier will reach 1,300, the overall installation will exceed 2,000.
When the chandelier is installed this year, the Czech manager will be on site.
The hotel did not release any pictures or design drawings of the chandelier, but indicated that the diameter of the chandelier would exceed six metres.
Titled chinos, this will be a feature of the redesigned lobby and also the Queen hotel many more
Million makeup.
Final cost of massive renovations
Room, restaurant and bar included-
It is expected to decline between $30 million and $50 million. .
Nat Bosa, a developer and philanthropist, and his wife, Flora, bought the hotel in 2014 when he planned a major upgrade.
The first stage ends in spring, just in time for the summer tourist season.
The restaurant and lounge, the lobby lounge where traditional tea is served during the day, and the new upscale area for guests to use are developed.
In addition, 235 guest rooms have been renovated.
The remaining 229 rooms known as Humboldt wing will be updated in the final stage.
Guests are currently checking in at a temporary location next to the Victoria convention center.
Queen manager, Indu Brar, said the renovation is planned to be completed by June 1 and the spa is completed by April.
The new porch at the entrance to the lobby will keep guests dry when they arrive at the hotel.
The building will create a \"very grand sense of arrival\" for guests, Brar said \".
The second phase of renovation began in early October.
Workers are cleaning up and re-developing the lobby, which will be more open and bright, Brar said.
\"We are trying to show more natural light.
\"In the converted lobby, the concierge service will be transferred to the front desk. The check-
The area will be relocated on the other side of the room, where
To create a more popular atmosphere, desks of different shapes will be placed, she said.
A new elegant staircase to the second floor will be installed. Silver-coloured vein-
The cut limestone showing the coat of stone will be placed on the floor with the purple and tan carpet.
A new staircase will add a \"bigger presence in the atrium and attract guests to new bars and restaurants while half of the mezzanine will be removed to create a double
\"The high reception area has a view of the guest\'s port,\" the hotel statement said . \".
The worker with the Jack has removed part of the mezzanine.
The hotel\'s spa has been closed and some areas are being renovated, including dressing rooms.
More seats will be added, Brar said.
A file area featuring mainly photos will be installed in the foyer that enters the hotel from the parking lot, she said.
In addition, historical photos will be displayed in the window frame of the room floor. New live-
The Bangladeshi room is building the edge table and transforming it into a special-event space.
It has new curtains, paint and floors.
The Christmas party has been booked, Brar said.
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