light bulb regulations offer consumers more choices

by:C.E.T     2020-06-06
Natalie Hilt heard the Tea Party say the new Federal light bulb regulation, which will come into effect next year, will deprive consumers of the right to buy the bulbs of their choice and constitute a massive attack on individual economic freedom --
It\'s actually the most evil legislation since King George signed the Stamp Act.
But critics are far from the base.
Contrary to their claims, the light bulb rule signed by President George w. Bush became law
Bush in 2007 actually banned nothing.
132 of consumers who want Edison
Incandescent lamps are still available this year --
Increase energy by 30% as long as they meet legal requirementsefficiency.
But there will also be many new options for hardware stores.
In fact, the new light bulb rule does not kill people\'s choices, but rather prompts people to create more choices than ever before.
In fact, consumers are restricted by the market before the regulations come into effect.
It seems contradictory to freedom.
Market IdeologyBut the law —
And industry response.
Setting out a broader fact about government regulation, government regulation can play a key role in releasing private capital
Industry Innovation.
Since the adoption of the law, the industry in compact fluorescent and solid-state (or LED)bulbs.
The Led uses a small portion of the power of the incandescent lamp to provide the same amount of light, and the electricity bill may be reduced by $15 billion by 2030. The first 40-
Watt equivalent and 60-
In 2010, Watt-class LEDs entered the market.
According to Lowe\'s, in the 12 months from July 2010 to July 2011, the brightest light bulb selection for retail lighting basically doubled.
In fact, energy regulations have always been a key factor in driving the development of new technologies.
Take a look at the example of the refrigerator, which is now larger, more efficient, and cheaper (
With today\'s dollars)
More than before the efficiency standards came into effect on 1975. A pre-
The 1990 model uses about twice as much power as the new Energy Star refrigerator. And, oh, yes —
Except for the excessive government advocate.
The regulations, Ronald Reagan, who signed the California fridges standard became law when he was governor, then signed the federal standard into law when he was president ten years later.
Opposition to the light bulb law seems to stem from a dogmatic belief that regulations always limit the choice of consumers --
But the truth tells us a different story.
Consumers are getting choices that didn\'t exist five years ago.
It will eventually save billions of dollars.
Natalie Hildt is the public policy outreach manager for the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership in Lexington.
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