led outdoor christmas lights

by:C.E.T     2020-01-24
When I tried to find out if the LED lights were more efficient and why, I found some interesting facts about not only the LED lights but also the past about the Christmas tree lights. . . interesting. . .
Yes, LED lights for light-
More energy efficient LEDs.
We can get very technical,. . .
What I care about is energy saving.
Because I used a lot of Christmas lights outdoors, it was good to know that LED outdoor Christmas lights actually saved not only my money, but also electricity consumption.
In the past three years, LED technology has made great progress.
LED technology is used for brake lights, remote controls, electronic clocks, calculators, traffic lights and many other devices that we use on a daily basis.
Interestingly, in 1882, Thomas Edison\'s colleague Edward Johnson introduced the first electric Christmas tree.
The first tree to light was launched three years after Thomas Edison invented electricity.
The tree is in the living room of Johnson\'s New York City residence, located in the city\'s first electrified area, consisting of walnut-sized bulbs on a rotating base.
Compared to traditional Christmas lights, LED lights emit brighter, almost blue light with different sizes, shapes and colors.
Many different shapes of LED Christmas lights provide you with more choices of Christmas decoration methods.
LED lights are available either indoors or outdoors.
Therefore, you can not only save energy and electricity, but also have more diversity in decoration than traditional outdoor lighting.
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