LED filament

LED filament

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LED filament type

Single  LED Filament  / Double LED Filament 

This filament is our basic version. It is made of soft filament. This filament is brighter and has more denaturation than traditional filaments. This filament is a non-replaceable filament.

Spiral LED Filament

This filament is an improvement derived from the basic version, which is different from the linear type of the basic version and adopts a spiral shape. This filament is made of soft filament, which is brighter than traditional filament and has more flexibility. This filament is a non-replaceable filament.

Replaceable LED Filament

This filament is our unique replaceable LED filament, using a soft filament as the filament, making it brighter than traditional LED lights. And a unique replaceable design is used to replace the filaments that are out of repair or the filaments of different colors.

 Modeling LED Filament

Modeling LED filaments are of different shapes, and a variety of options can make the lighting more diverse. This filament uses a soft filament design, which is brighter and more efficient. At present, our modeling styles have more than a dozen different modeling filaments, and there are different colors to choose.

Numerical LED Filament

The numerical value of the LED filament is made into a filament shape with numbers 0-9, and the filament uses a soft filament as the raw material.

Letter LED Filament

The letter LED filament uses the capitals of 26 English letters as the shape, and there are some commonly used terms in the shape. For example, hello, I love you, goodbye, letter-shaped filament made of these short sentences

Modeling LED Filament Display

Numerical LED Filament Display

Letter LED Filament Display

LED filament

LED filament 

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