led christmas lights - are they really the only choice for saving energy? think before you shop

by:C.E.T     2020-01-24
Did you notice it last year?
LED tree lamp is the latest product of eco
Friendly Christmas decorations flew off the shelves.
It is reported that the overall sales of LED reached-
Did you sit down? --
Amazing $7.
2009 4 billion.
This includes LED ice column lights, LED Christmas tree lights and other types of home LED lighting.
But is the LED Christmas light really eco-friendly?
Are they considered winners?
Like \"organic\" and \"100% natural\", \"Green\" is a flexible concept.
And there must be an ecology.
More friendly alternatives to LED Christmas lights, but more in a minute.
One thing is certain: LED Christmas lights consume less energy than ordinary incandescent Christmas lights.
So, from an energy point of view, LEDs are a better choice than large Christmas string lights or even miniature Christmas lights you may have grown up.
Also, outdoor Christmas lighting makes sense because they don\'t need maintenance and have a long service life.
Another thing is for sure: The LED lighting will stay here.
It is attractive to the market, and the industry is actively promoting it.
For example, one of the large construction supply chains has just launched recycling-your-old-Christmas-
Lamp movement, offering discount for LED Christmas tree lights for every string of incandescent lamps handed in by customers.
With this jump
From the beginning of the season, sales will decline this year.
The best thing since granola?
Is the LED Christmas light suitable for the lifestyle of granola?
While they consume less energy, calling LED Christmas trees and LED tree lights natural products will be a huge extension.
LED light line is made of oilBase plastic (
Like all the wires these days).
The LED bulb itself is wrapped in epoxy, which is a super
Hardened chemical polymer.
Although epoxy resin is widely used in some products, epoxy resin contains double phenol A, A toxic substance that has been banned from use by some consumer goods.
Some shoppers try to keep their living space free of chemicals
Basic products including building supplies, wood finishes, home textiles, carpets, working surfaces, etc.
Others just want to reduce the amount of plastic in their lives.
These consumers may have a second idea of LED Christmas lighting.
Safety and fire prevention are the most important issues every Christmas. rightly so.
It\'s safe not to have 100% Christmas lights.
But LED lighting is considered particularly safe.
Nevertheless, the problem will arise.
Just a few days after Halloween, big box marketing company Costco announced that it was recalling a series of Christmas numbers lit up with LED lights that could cause a fire, most likely an electrical problem of some sort
Problems like this, in the early days of the shopping season, even LED Christmas lights are not necessarily at risk --free.
Like an LED balloon. . .
LED Christmas lights are cool.
But this is the problem for some shoppers.
It\'s so cool.
LED lighting has different spectral quality.
Some people think the blue is heavy, and the light in yellow, red, gold and brown is heavy --
All colors are in the spectrum at the end of baking.
This is subjective.
However, if you are sensitive to the quality of the light, the led may not be your choice, especially if your goal is to feel warm and comfortable.
The new lights get mixed reviews among some traditionalists and perfectionists, like an LED balloon.
Leaving the grid for Christmas is not necessarily a burden on the environment.
Suppose you really want to give up the old incandescent lamp and turn green, but you are not very enthusiastic about the idea of LED Christmas tree lights.
Fortunately, there is a low
Technology alternative to using less power than LED holiday lights: Candel power.
In fact, the Christmas tree candle will take you completely out of the grid.
They don\'t use electricity to generate electricity. -just air.
This makes them the most eco-friendly alternative to incandescent lamps and LED Christmas lights.
From an aesthetic point of view, they are invincible.
See the Christmas tree bathed in the warm glow of natural candlelight and you will stop in your footsteps.
So charming.
The wonderful warm feeling it evokes is hard to describe-
This is something you have to go through.
You can choose to light your Christmas trees with candles because they are beautiful or because they are 100% green.
But you have to put safety first.
Accidental use of candles can cause a fire.
But if you take the time, place candles properly, and use common sense, you can enjoy the holiday with peace of mind.
For our grandparents and great
Grandparents who celebrated before Christmas
Pruning the Christmas tree is the only option in the electric age.
But they did not melt the end of the candle and put it on the branch.
They used simple and clever candle holders made specifically for Christmas trees.
Unfortunately, during World War I, Christmas candles and Christmas tree candle holders were discontinued when electric Christmas decorations were on the market.
In the 19 th century, two Christmas candle holders were used to find a source for your Christmas candle and candle holder.
One is a clip.
A candle holder or Christmas candle holder on a Christmas tree.
The other is the pendulum Christmas tree candle holder, which has a stem around the branch and a weight to support the candle.
But before you rush to the shops around the corner to buy them, you should realize that we\'re talking about a product that\'s been forced out and has basically been out of the market for 90 years.
Finding it can be a challenge.
You will not find German Christmas candles and candle clips in the mall, and you will even find them in the specialty store is questionable.
They are still made in Germany, but it can be difficult to retail in a German store.
The best solution?
Find a reliable network dealer in the United StatesS.
Who imported authentic German Christmas tree candles-
Make a candle holder.
If you live in the United StatesK.
Australia, Canada, New Zealand or elsewhere, choose the United StatesS.
Online stores with sales experience in your country.
What will this year be for you?
LED Christmas lights or Christmas candles?
LED Holiday Lighting will undoubtedly continue to seize market share.
But Candel ball is a delicate Christmas game. Changer.
Not everyone.
But for those who like \"slow Christmas\", it may be an option worth trying.
It\'s as green as possible, a way to send messages to your family, friends and neighbors that can slow down, simplify and simplify.
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