kitchen design inspired by memories of the caribbean

by:C.E.T     2020-01-19
Memories of the Caribbean
Unique blue waters and golden beaches
When the 1980 s-was recently purchased, the color and material selection of the kitchen was inspired
The home of ellasari was completely renovated.
\"This customer likes turquoise --teal-
The blue ocean color, reminiscent of the Caribbean holidays, she wants to make it a focal point, \"said Morgan wilderick, interior designer for my house design/build/team.
\"Most people are afraid to promise [a colour]
Strong as deep turquoise, but they are not afraid to use the color at all.
\"The renovation started by expanding the existing kitchenette to accommodate a family of four.
The addition of the flush beam enables the refurbished to remove the structural wall separating the kitchen and living room, creating a 240-square-foot kitchen.
While the white perimeter cabinets keep the space bright, Weldrick wants to make the island the center of the new kitchen.
Weldrick has designed a fully functional five-person apartment that requires enough space for her love of cooking and bakingby-10-
Feet island with dark gray cabinets and three countertops-
The kitchen is fixed in inches.
The color and design of the island cabinets match the benches on both sides of the living room fireplace, visually connecting two spaces.
Instead of placing a sink on the island, the homeowner chose to put the stove there so that she could stay in touch with family and friends while cooking.
\"She spent so much time cooking and she wanted to be able to experience her guests instead of getting her back to them.
\"We added a downwind vent, so nothing can stop the kitchen from getting into the view of the living room and deck area,\" Weldrick said . \".
In addition to the cooking range and custom wine storage, there are two Spice pulps on the island.
It also has a mixer lift: opening the drawer triggers a mechanism that will keep the mixer on a shelf at the level of the island table top.
\"She has a lot of gadgets, but her husband hates clutter, so we put two tall cabinets on the left and right sides of the oven and microwave.
\"They extend to the countertop and the double-door can easily access and store the appliances,\" Weldrick said . \".
\"The tailgate is the natural location of the color in the kitchen.
We don\'t want solid colors.
The white cabinets can be rough.
So, we\'re looking for something that has a little gradient and we\'re in (mosaic)
Two blue and one white Daltile are included.
\"Other decorative details satisfy the owner\'s love for a shiny accent.
Chandelier on the island-
Shiny combination of thin metal and crystals-
In coordination with the matching chandelier in the restaurant, the polished chrome door pull adds their gloss to the space and gives a little shimmer on the island countertop.
While spending a lot of time on design and electrical options, this fun --
The lovely chef had a surprise in the store.
In a big event
Although she had chosen more budget before, she fell in love with the wolf double ovenFriendly choice.
\"Her husband asked me to upgrade to the Wolf stove as a Christmas gift,\" Weldrick recalls . \".
\"She didn\'t know until the disclosure --
Dark Veil on island countertop
Rockwell, Cumbria
Like the ripples left by the waves on the beach, enhancing the Caribbean-Inspired design. The Shaker-
Three cabinetsinch-
Wide rails with shallow recessed panels make it easier to clean and dust, while also providing the home look that the owner likes.
The blue color in the tailgate mosaic tile imitates the color of the living room accent wall (
SW6488 Williams Grand Canal)
Two spaces are visually connected.
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