i dare you to be simple minded

by:C.E.T     2020-06-06
Sometimes, the most difficult thing is not to think too deeply when you are looking for a solution to the problem.
Thinking about simple and common ideas is an art that is much more difficult than what you are willing to admit.
Deep and complex thinking is our nature, however, the answer to most of our questions is really easy, right in front of us.
The trick is to develop a method that is not considered too complicated.
Now, think again if you think \"simple\" is easy to think about.
As early as 3700, the Greeks had invented a toilet that could flush out the garbage, but before the toilet paper came out, they spent another 3600 (as we know it)
Kimberly Clark was invented in 1903.
Toilet paper was actually invented by Joseph geyetti in 1857, but until 1903, \"freedom of Fragments \"(ouch! )
Toilet paper was invented.
To make my point more clear, perhaps I should have explained it with a bulb that Thomas Edison did not invent, but he succeeded in making the first \"perfect\" incandescent lamp.
Old Thomas spent many years perfecting the light bulb and doing thousands of experiments with different materials.
I know you all know the story of persistence. . .
But let me explain, if Thomas Edison does not think too deeply, how can he complete his invention in the first year.
When he started the experiment of inventing the light bulb, two things were already common sense: 1.
If you send a current through the refractory, it burns bright white and emits light.
Unfortunately it burns to Ashes, so the light is more like a camera flash
It lasts only a second.
The fuse works the same way.
This is where Edison was trapped.
He is looking for the ultimate material that will not burn out. 2.
At the same time, it is well known that if the material burns without oxygen, then the material will not be oxidized and burned, but will form charcoal.
We all know that when we are (
American barbecue)
It will burn for a long time.
However, it took Thomas Edison many years to put the second idea into practice.
He thought so deeply and looked for the ultimate material that he had never thought of having no oxygen or charcoal in the experiment.
Only by combining these two common ideas can he succeed.
Thomas is a smart boy, but he thinks too deeply.
Of course, it sounds completely logical now, but it took him many years for Thomas Edison.
As we all know, the humble hot dog was invented in 1904.
At the World Fair in St. Louis, a German entrepreneur sells sausages to visitors.
He lent his client white gloves to eat sausage with him.
Distinguish yourself from other sausage sellers).
The problem is that the client left with his white gloves.
So he asked his brother-in-law (a baker)
Bake him long rolls and put the sausage in. Thus the hot-
The dog was created with a simple idea.
The history of hot dogs is very controversial, but I like the version above. Ice cream cones were invented after the invention of ice in 300. cream.
What can you think of today (
Not too deep in mind)
Can this change the way we do things today? We are so pre-
In our minds, we rarely walk around with open minds.
The trick is to think again like a child, curious, open, not to be \"excellent\" knowledge and pre-
Idea garbage
Stupid things. . . .
These stupid ideas may be your wealth.
Ask these questions when you think.
How, Why, if, can, when, and then \"why \"? \" again.
Ask the child why? . . . why? . . . why? . . .
On the right track.
You should never be angry or angry.
Listen to them when you try to answer their simple questions.
Your next fortune or breakthrough in life is most likely the answer you provide to this child.
Like a light bulb, this will be a combination of common ideas that will create the answer.
Can you come up with a combination of common knowledge to make human life easier and create your wealth in the process?
As usual, my sincere wishes for a better life. Theo in Mr. PistoriusS.
If you do not agree with me, you are welcome to dismiss me.
I am also learning when I speak, so there is a lot of room for improvement in my life. P. P. S.
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