how to make disco lights

by:C.E.T     2020-01-26
Best known for its use at the disco club in 1970, the disco lighting effect was used to add warmth and excitement to the ballroom.
They are usually illuminated by a fixed lamp on a hanging mirror ball, flashing colorful lights, flash lights and smoke machines, creating a surreal effect.
While today\'s lighting effects are usually controlled and produced by complex computer programs connected to a lighting device that sync lights with music, those who want a simpler approach can also
Create a disco look.
Whether you\'re making lights for a family disco, a teen dance night, or a children\'s party, these lights are a simple way to jazz in a room.
To learn how to make disco lights, follow the guidelines below.
Create a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling or any high point of the house, such as a stair railing or balcony.
Choose the rubber ball of any size as the mirror ball.
Stick the plastic hook to the top of the ball, such as the one used to make temporary wall hangings.
Make sure the hook and glue hold the weight of the ball.
Spray the ball with silver paint and also cover the hook to make it dry.
Buy a variety of mirror chips that can be found in any craft store or look for other reflective surfaces with eyescatching.
Measure the shape of the chip and draw the position of each chip on the ball with a pencil.
Make sure the line is as straight as possible for the best results.
Stick the mirror chip to the ball mark and work outward from the center.
Be sure to let the top dry before flipping the ball to the bottom, otherwise the chips may slide out of place.
Hang the ball in the room where you want to put the disco in and determine the best place to send out a fixed light there.
Try several different distances to get a clear idea of your options.
Create a set of flashing colorful lights.
This can be achieved in several ways.
You can buy a lot of color LED lights, like the one used in Halloween pumpkins, or a flashing string of Christmas tree lights.
Put the lights in a transparent jar or string them in the room.
Alternatively, you can use your computer monitor to create flashing lights by downloading programs like Disco 1. 1. 0.
You can also buy disco light machines.
Set the party flash.
You can buy a party.
Choose style flash from the store, use a computer program, or create your own flash
Shape the way by placing a spinning wheel in front of a fixed light.
The flash effect is generated by placing a small hole on the wheel.
Fog that makes many colored lights reflect.
This can be achieved by purchasing a party mist machine or using dry ice inside an insulating container.
Put hot water into the container and add dry ice to create fog or smoke.
Put a fan behind the container and blow the fog into the room.
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