How long can decorative lanterns be used?
A long service life is a promise made by C.E.T Lighting Co., Ltd.. You may contact us if there are any problems during this. The long service life is a strong competitiveness of decorative lanterns . Users always take service life, cost, price, quality, etc. into consideration. Please note that the service life may be extended if the product is used in good conditions.

Applying our experience gained from providing high quality led Christmas lights, C.E.T has proven beneficial to all of our customers. C.E.T focuses on providing a variety of Xmas lights for customers. C.E.T globe pendant light will go through furniture performance testing to national and international industry standards. It has passed testing of GB/T 3325-2008, GB 18584-2001, QB/T 4371-2012, and QB/T 4451-2013. The product is perfect for illuminating pool areas and sports courts to improve visibility. This product makes it easier to distinguish and identify goods. Therefore, it is worth investing to make the goods stand out from the competition. The product has achieved a patent certificate.

our team will provide more cost-effective products as well as more perfect and faster service. Please contact.
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