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by:C.E.T     2020-05-29
Both indoors and outdoors, lighting plays an important role in decorating the surrounding environment.
Here are some basic lighting knowledge and useful tips to help you create a perfectlit space.
Just like paying attention to the paint color and furniture in the room, you also need to pay attention to adding natural or artificial light sources to the surrounding area.
If you understand the basics of lighting design correctly, then you can render a bright, clean, spacious area for use during the day, or look hazy and romantic at a party at night.
It would be nice if you understand the lighting system, although these principles are mainly used to add light to an object in photography or to illuminate a scene or character in 3D.
Understanding this system can help you create a visual accent at home.
Three things are needed to create a lighting system, namely, key lights, fill lights, and backlights.
The key light is the main light source, which can be the sun, the filling light is the extra light used to soften the shadow, and there is a backlight to separate the main body from the background.
For example, considering that there is a vase in the room, it receives natural light from the window on the right and has additional electricity (fill light)
On the left side of the vase, the shadow of the vase is softened.
In the end, you put a smaller light (backlight)
Behind the vase that separates it from the background.
In this way, you can light up the artifacts, antics or certain special decorative items in your home.
The quality and quantity of light in the room should be controlled with a good natural light source.
If you have East
Facing the window, after noon, you will get bright morning light, then long shadows, no sun, then use artificial lights to control glare and maximize the use of natural light in the East and Northfacing rooms. West-
During the day, the sun in the face of the room is very large, which will produce dazzling light. North-
The light facing the room is not direct sunlight, but cold and dazzling. South-
Window facing is nice as they have warm light all day.
Lighting various rooms with embedded or ceiling
Hanging lamps.
If you are building a new home, or planning a major renovation of the house, then make a lighting plan while making a pipeline plan.
It is important that you treat each room of the house separately.
Consider the age of the person who will be staying in the room and consider the main light source in the room.
For example, the light source when a person is watching TV or studying on a table, etc.
Make sure the room is good for their purpose-
The light in the bedroom is very bright, and the living room and kitchen need bright light.
This will mark the outlets in a single room, the source of natural light, and the location where the lamps illuminate certain objects in the room.
Also, plan how many brightLow voltage-
Voltage lights required for home and outdoor lighting.
When purchasing an electric basic light fixture, make sure to carry the plan with you. South-
Window facing is the perfect choice for the kitchen as they provide light throughout the day.
The kitchen space should be bright so it looks clean and you can easily see the small cutlery.
Small and powerful ceiling light is a good idea for kitchen lighting.
They will send out the same bright light.
You can also install the mini-
Fluorescent lamps under the wall unit can better illuminate the surface of your work.
When lighting the living room, consider practical aspects first, and then use additional lamps to highlight objects in the living room.
If you put the TV in the living room, then the light should be on the side of the TV, because the light from the front of the TV will glare on the screen, although the light behind the TV will dim the room, it will fatigue your eyes.
If you like to read in the room, then put the lights behind and above the chair or sofa.
Use a special light fixture to illuminate your bookshelf, or a painting, a piece of art, etc.
Living room decoration, you can hang color lamps above the sofa to create a beautiful environment.
You need to create soft lighting for the bedroom so you can relax and sleep.
But it should also be bright enough so you can see it when you change your clothes in the morning.
The installation can be a bed side light with lights or walls-mounted lights.
When there are lights on both sides of the bed, one person can turn off his/her side to sleep and the other person can turn on his lights to read.
Install the main light switch near the door so you can turn it on when you enter the room.
Install the fluorescent lamp in the wardrobe, when you open the wardrobe, it will open, and when you close the wardrobe, it will close.
Horizontal settings-
Install white lights on both sides of the cosmetic mirror so you don\'t see the shadows on your face.
Outdoor lighting should be able to illuminate the surroundings well so that you can walk around it easily.
It should not be so bright that it will cause a sensation. To create well-
Balance lighting you need standard and low-voltage lights.
You can use path lights to produce wide and downward light propagation.
You can use floodlights in the yard and light the road with lantern-type lights.
The positioning of the lamp is very important to ensure that you keep the position of the lamp 2 feet from the ground and lowvoltage.
You can also use low
Voltage reduction lights emphasize certain items like waterfalls or artifacts.
You can also place floodlights or spotlights on fences or walls close to plants to highlight the contours of the plants.
These are the basics of lighting and the various ideas that can illuminate indoors, outdoors and create a beautiful but actually --lit space.
So, create bright and beautiful with a given idea-lit home space!
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