feature-wi-fi but no water: can smart tech help a city\'s poor?

by:C.E.T     2020-06-24
Barcelona, 5 January(
Thomson Reuters Foundation)-
In the picturesque Elbourne District of Barcelona, residents can now sleep well, because garbage trucks pass only when the rubbish bins on the streets are full, thanks to Gao. -
A technical sensor that detects when it needs to be cleared.
At the same time, a few blocks away, magnetic sensors under the road can allow drivers to find out in advance whether there is a parking space. -
Save time and reduce vehicle emissions. Other high-
Spain\'s second largest city has deployed technical solutions for street lights, traffic lights and parking timers. -
The largest city in recent years.
A theatre even has a smart vertical garden on its outer wall to collect rainwater through solar energy. -
Power system of roof.
As one of the richest cities in Europe, most residents of Barcelona already have good municipal services and quality of life.
But in poorer parts of the world, City experts say efforts to improve cities through spending cuts-
Edge technologies may face challenges, especially when applied in slums. “A 24-
Ayona Datta, a city future book at King\'s College London, said: \"Hourly smart meters can only be used if they are connected to the water supply system first. \"
She added that in developing countries, technology could be promoted in one city to improve the efficiency of transportation or water services, but it might only work in richer areas.
The idea of giving the same thing to the middleman-class and low-
She says there may be problems in income areas.
\"IT companies will sell(
Intelligent technology)
As a package without any form of grass-roots customization, \"she said.
Data told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that the smart technology installed in this way \"adds to the beauty of those already connected. \"
In many cases, those who can\'t access the Internet or the Internet can\'t benefit from high incomes. -
She added that science and technology infrastructure.
\"You really need to integrate into the social environment. (and)
The first is social issues, \"she stressed.
In India, dozens of smart cities have been planned as South Asian countries seek ways to cope with rapid urban population growth.
According to United Nations data, India\'s urban population will increase by 300 million by 2050. -Habitat, the U. N.
An institution dealing with urban affairs. But one high-
Gujarat\'s \"smart city\" strategy has aroused opposition.
It includes a new 920-km (572-mile)
The metropolis, located on the edge of an ancient port city, relies mainly on solar power and intends to become a global manufacturing center.
Critics say it will replace self-sufficient farmers, who face the risk of being flooded because they are built on floodplains and will cost more than planned.
Nancy Odendaal, an associate professor of urban planning at the University of Cape Town, said: \"Many smart city projects are real estate projects. \"
\"This has become particularly painful on the African continent because it is seen as the last frontier for real estate speculation and development,\" she added.
In most parts of Africa, smart cities tend to be \"top cities\". -
Odendal pointed out that development projects in satellite cities such as Konza Technopolis in Kenya and Eko Atlantic in Nigeria had failed.
Eko Atlantic, known as \"Dubai in Africa\", is being built on Victoria Island near Lagos.
Developers say the company will become Nigeria\'s new financial headquarters and will address the long-standing housing shortage in Lagos.
Critics argue that shiny urban centers like Eko Atlantic are designed for the wealthy elite and do nothing to help the poor live at their doorsteps.
Elsewhere, smart city strategies have been welcomed to varying degrees.
Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, was praised as one of the first cities in Africa to introduce free wireless Internet in some areas in 2013.
However, Rwanda has also been criticized for building new housing that ordinary Rwandans cannot afford.
In Cape Town, South Africa, some people believe that smart urban projects are an excuse for middle class. -
\"It\'s just another way to turn old urban areas into consumer areas,\" Odendaal said.
She says some of the most effective plans are to use technology, but the government does not use it as a \"smart\" marketing plan.
These include the map Kibera, a free and open digital map of Africa\'s largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.
It has evolved into an interactive project that pinpoints local services and provides information about Kibera security.
Mapkibera Trust, its developer, says the plan makes marginalized communities more visible, and two other Nairobi slums are replicating the idea. Non-
Government organizations such as the international slum dwellers(SDI)
Odendal says they are also doing useful work at the grass-roots level.
Community Network-
Organizations representing urban poor people in 32 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America have launched \"Know Your City\" campaigns.
Slum dwellers collect data and information about their places of residence, which are stored in a central database for use by governments and other decision-making. -makers.
SDI said the data were community-owned and provided a voice of \"knowledge and solidarity\" for the urban poor.
\"Intelligent technology has very utopian intentions, but it\'s really about how to achieve it on the ground,\" Data said.
\"This is very common, but it must be rooted in a local context in order to make it work. ” Community-
In India, she said, the initiative was particularly effective, with locals already sharing photos of suspected sex offenders on the instant messaging service whatsapp.
\"Intelligent technology has unexpected consequences,\" she added.
\"What happens may be totally unregulated by the state. ” (
Sophie Davis\'report;
Editor Megan Rowling.
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