facts about light bulbs

by:C.E.T     2020-06-07
Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Charles Goodyear are legends of the business world.
Edison invented the light bulb, but it took him 9998 to fix it.
The light bulb invented by Thomas Edison may be coming soon.
Increased demand for lighter, thinner, practical and low power consumption.
Since the Edison era, the technology in the bulb has developed to include better quality incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and discharge bulbs.
The history of the flashlight really began with the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison in 79 years.
Shortly after the Edison light bulb came out, the fluorescent lamp was born.
The simple structure of the bulb is made up of two metal contacts.
They are finally connected to a circuit.
The connection between these metal contacts is connected with two small hard wires on the filament.
The filament is located in the middle and attached to the glass holder.
The gas filled into the bulb cavity is ar.
The halogen lamp today is amazing.
Halogen lamp is the bulb used by halogen gas to fill the gas.
The most common use of halogen lamps is in filament bulbs.
In addition, lamps with LED can also be used with halogen in them.
The use of halogen lamps improves the utilization rate of lamps.
The Led bulb is amazing.
In the past, the Sun was the only source of light.
Therefore, all work must be finished after dawn.
After decades, the lights were brightly lit.
The birth of different sources such as fire, gas and later bulbs.
To save energy, you can replace your bulb with a compact fluorescent Edison light bulb that is energy efficient and practical.
Earlier in Europe, new mercury energy-saving fluorescent lamps had been implemented to replace ordinary fluorescent lamps.
We can also with Edison (
Or standard size)
Base, may be used in any regular fixture in your home.
You see, led lighting is an energy-efficient technology.
Low power consumption of Led leads to a lot of energy saving.
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