energy law pulls plug on edison\'s light bulb

by:C.E.T     2020-06-09
The bulb invented by Thomas Edison before 125 was more than just a manufacturingover.
The government is intervening.
Landmark energy bill
Bush signed into law on Wednesday and will require lighting to reduce energy consumption by 30%, which will basically eliminate traditional bulbs because it will not meet new efficiency standards.
Almost 90% of the energy used in today\'s incandescent lamps generates heat and only 10% glows.
What\'s ready to replace them is more energy.
High efficiency fluorescent and halogen lamps with higher cost (
About $8 for 6 packs)
, But the duration has been extended by 10 times, saving consumers electricity bills.
The bulbs are not as hot as they touch, because most of the energy they consume becomes light.
When the 4 billion light sockets in the United States finally make the switch-
In addition, efficiency standards will reduce household utilities by more than $18 billion per year.
\"Consumers will save money in their pockets,\" said Randy Moorhead, vice president of government affairs at Philips Electronics, a major bulb maker . \".
These efficient bulbs will also save enough power to power all homes in Texas last year and prevent power plants from emitting 100 million tons of carbon dioxide, according to the Energy Conservation Alliance.
\"We are committed to money --saving, energy-
Save products (that)
\"Help Save the Earth,\" bulb maker Sylvania said in a statement . \".
However, incandescent lamps do not immediately become a collector\'s item.
The higher efficiency requirement under the new energy law is 100-
The Watt bulb starts on 2012, followed by 75-
Watt the bulb a year later, then 40-and 60-
Watt bulbs will be phased out in 2014.
Incandescent lamps have been eliminated in Australia, Ireland and other countries.
About 24 types of bulbs are tax free in the United States. S.
Legal efficiency requirements including oven and refrigerator bulb, candle lamp, plant lamp, replacement of traffic light bulb and summer necessities
Yellow bulbs that do not attract insects.
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