dining & island pendant lights *i found the one i love! pg.3 what do you think?*

by:C.E.T     2020-01-20
It\'s a bit off topic, but I think, as a member of the family, you ladies will find it cool.
So my husband, my child and I are leaving the state.
We finished hosting in 72 days. SUPER EXCITED! !
We are the first homeowner (
After renting the last 5-1/2+ years)
We can\'t be happier.
The house we bought in June.
The house is being built in a great community.
They started the work in August and are now half done.
But anyway, because this is a brand new house, we can choose everything.
We will have a kitchen with islands. ! ! )
We have never had an island before.
Pendant lights are not included, this is what we will buy immediately when we move in (
My husband will buy and install them before I move with the kids.
He will walk in front of us and install ceiling fans, curtains, chandeliers, appliances, etc.
We hope this is a simple transition as I\'m half pregnant & our middle child is out of motion.
So we thought it would be easy for me and the kids if he did the job and then moved our stuff in front of us. )
Sorry, it\'s been too long.
Anyway, I \'ve been looking at chandeliers and dining lights for the last two months (
Chandelier, not crazy diamond chandelier but a bit simple/modern style chandelier).
My question is: I have been trying to find styles that match and compliment each other (both lightings)
But the chandelier I found (and love)
And the chandelier, I\'m not sure if they praise each other completely.
Their style is a bit different but I don\'t believe it really bothers me.
I know they are different spaces, but the house is an open concept with a spare area for both the dining/living room and the kitchen.
Do you have \"matching\" lights in your restaurant and kitchen?
Or, are they any different? ?
Can you share your photo of the lights?
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