designers move to accommodate alternatives to incandescent bulbs

by:C.E.T     2020-05-31
When Ikea announced its presence in the United States this weekS.
By the end of this year, shops in Canada will stop selling traditional incandescent lamps, and the real story is not the light bulb.
This is how the transformation of the soft white glowing sphere decades ago will affect the design of lamps, lamps and chandeliers in decades.
First, schedule: Ikea will phase out incandescent lamps from August.
1. the target completion date is January. 1.
As the transfer to energy from other parts of the world accelerates, the company has stopped selling incandescent lamps in France and Australia
An efficient alternative. In the U. S.
The Energy Independence and Safety Act of 2007 stipulates that by 2014, the energy needed for bulbs will be 30% less than incandescent lamps.
Unless engineers can invent more energy.
Attractive and efficient incandescent lamps
Unlikely Scenario
It will basically be out of date.
The new federal standard will be rolled out in stages from 100-
Watt bulb, must meet the requirements before January, and 40-
Watt bulbs that must be completed by January 2014.
How will this change affect the fixture?
As consumers turn to alternatives to incandescent lamps, designers will have to develop better solutions for the problems of fluorescent lamps (
System Glory), halogens (excess heat)and LEDs (cost).
Although the market is filled with compact fluorescent bulbs that can be screwed into standard lamp holders, many consumers simply don\'t like the quality of light and often think that the quality of light is more hospital than that of the home.
Although proponents point out that the energy of the compact fluorescent lamp is reduced by 75% to 80%, and the potential life span is 10 times longer than that of the incandescent lamp, the CFLs contains a small amount of toxic mercury and cannot be thrown away in household waste.
This gives consumers a taste of halogen and LED.
IKEA stores will start selling this fall
Known as a modified halogen lamp, it can be used in a standard lamp holder, just like the CFL.
Halogen lamps have twice the service life of incandescent lamps, but they only save 20% of the energy.
The upcoming standard requires 30%.
\"Many of Europe\'s halogen designs are not sold in the United States. S.
Because they can\'t pass UL, \"Feldman quoted the insurer\'s lab as saying that the insurer\'s lab is a safety testing organization and many retailers need to be certified before they carry the product.
Many lighting designers are betting on light.
LED instead.
Compared to incandescent lamps, the energy used by the led is reduced by 80% and the duration is extended by 50 times.
\"LED has a lot of push in mission lights --
David Feldman said, \"deify everything . \"
Founder of modern lighting electronics
YLighting, retailer.
These days to attend any design exhibition, the number of LED fixtures people see is amazing.
At the Milan Furniture Fair held in Italy every April, the leading Dutch co-operative Moooi presents a stylish fixture called Miyake, which works on halogen lamps
\"Everyone said, \'We don\'t want halogen, we want LED, \'said Feldman. \'\".
The biggest obstacle is the price.
Traditionally, most lights are sold without bulbs, but the nature of the new technology requires the pre-installation of led.
\"It\'s hard to explain to someone that the led light will cost a few hundred dollars more because it already has LEDs,\" Feldman said . \".
While consumers may recover their investments at lower costs for power and bulb replacement, upfront costs are a tough sale.
But with the challenges coming, there will be more solutions.
LED prices are falling.
Feldman cited innovations such as maker Herman Miller\'s leaf lights, which allow customers to change the intensity of LED, from bright and \"cool\" lighting at work to warm lighting at emotional lighting --
So as to better imitate what customers get from incandescent lamps.
He also noted that there is an increasing number of fixtures deploying diffusers and other strategies to disguise fluorescent bulbs.
Mona Astra lisää, United States of AmericaS.
The director of public relations at Ikea declined to give details, but confirmed that the company would review and revise its lighting range.
She won\'t say how much percentage Ikea\'s flooring, tables and ceiling lamps will be designed specifically for fluorescent, LED or halogen lamps, but she does say: \"Are we designed for low energy consumption? Absolutely. \"craig. nakano@latimes.
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