cool spring ideas - solar garden lights

by:C.E.T     2020-06-27
The solar garden lamp is an interesting and practical green way.
They may be attractive accents for your yard or garden;
In fact, they can beautify any place you can choose to put on your lawn, deck, terrace or garden path.
These lamps, also known as photovoltaic or photovoltaic lamps, are widely used and can be installed anywhere, with multiple types
Chandelier, spotlights (
Used to highlight a sculpture, a specific decoration, or just illuminate the address on your house)
Even the pool lights.
Photovoltaic Lighting not only adds a touch of elegance to your landscape, but it is also a way to improve safety and safety. A well-
The lit yard can deter thieves; a well-
Lighting walkways can prevent falls or other accidents and help guests who come to your house at night.
The lighting of the pool will ensure that people, especially children, do not accidentally fall into the water.
Saving Green, Green solar lighting is both cost-effective and cost-effective
High efficiency and environmental protectionfriendly.
Just a simple solar panel and a few LEDs you can have a very low
Maintenance and low
A cost lighting system that draws free energy from the sun.
The only maintenance cost is to replace the battery for each lamp from time to time.
Solar rechargeable batteries can be used for 1000 nights or more;
It must be easy on your wallet every 2-3 years!
Outdoor Garden lights work in a very simple way.
The photocells in the sun\'s light can be adjusted so that they are facing the sun all day and collecting solar energy.
When the sun sets,
Turn on the light in the photo sensor.
In the first few hours, their light was very bright and the light became less and less as the night went on.
The Solar light will light up until the battery runs out of Solar energy stored during the day or at sunrise.
It is also easy to install SnapThese lights as there is no wiring.
The only reason you may need wiring is if you really want to put the lights in areas where the shadows are severe during the day;
You will then need to install a solar panel and wire the lights.
Otherwise, this is a problem of exposing the lights to the sun most of the day.
Unfortunately, you also need to consider that the thief may like your lights very much and they will steal your lights.
One way to deter is to fix your solar Skywell light or deck light permanently on the surface of the water.
It\'s not hard if you know how to use a screwdriver!
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