best pools in nyc: rooftop, hotel and outdoor swimming pools to visit in new york this summer

by:C.E.T     2020-01-29
New York City is a city with many roofs.
The roof will heat up in summer. literally).
While there are plenty of public swimming pools around the city, including the infamous McAllen Park swimming pool, there are fewer public places for the most popular swimming in New York.
The roof of New York and the hotel swimming pool can cost a lot of money, but most of the time, the view is charming and clean (ish)
Water is worth it.
Here are the best scenery we have chosen.
Just between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge on Brooklyn Water Street, the dunbo family is probably the most popular-
After the club membership in New York City.
Spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and luxury of its members-
Only the environment, this is the epitome of urban elegance.
Dumbo House club members start at $1,080 a year, or you can try to find yourself a friend with membership-each member can bring up to three guests at a time.
This is a scene that comes out directly from Palm Springs, and this roof gem and little flying elephant house are part of the same family.
Striped cushion recliner one year line-
The circular heated pool and string lights are hung overhead, giving a feeling of home.
SoHo House club\'s membership fee is also $1,080 per year.
Find a friend with \"every House\" membership and you can spend the summer between Little fly House and SoHo House.
The view of the Midtown Manhattan skyline is hard to beat this luxurious swim.
Vale swimming pool is the longest outdoor hotel swimming pool in Brooklyn, so there is plenty of space.
The rooftop setting is a menu made up of tapas, cocktails and beer gardens on the Vale Terrace to get better.
The day pass starts at $99, membership starts at $999 for all seasons, and private cottage starts at $900.
Live on the edge of this little flying beautyliterally.
This pool surrounds the edge of the roof of a hotel overlooking downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.
Jump out and lie in a recliner or grab a snack at Harriet\'s --
We highly recommend the tortillas and burrito here.
The whole roof has recently been redecorated with a new patio decoration, so you will stay in some fresh scenery.
The entire roof weekend is packed with people, which means you need to get there early if you want to sit in the prime location of the city center.
However, the pool is for hotel guests only, so book a room and turn your pool day into a full stay day.
The oasis in the city center feels more like Hampton than New York
Private cabin, flat-screen TV, wall with ceiling.
Monday to Friday, you can buy a day ticket for $65, grab a cushion recliner, stand up and try one of the 10-pound Moscow mules on the roof.
Yes, pound, not an ounce, so bring some friends with you-no one should drink such a big drink on their own.
Although in the hotel, this pool is more attractive to the locals than anyone else.
The pool at the McAllen Hotel is a favorite in Williamsburg. It is seasonal and offers sofa beds, recliner with cushion, and free Wifi.
In addition, there is a bar on the website that can fuel your sunbathing.
Hotel guests can use the pool for free, visitors can buy daily tickets for $60 on weekdays, and for $85 on weekends.
Great view of the pool.
Park pool overlooking Central Park is the only pool on this list that is indoors-but the view is too good to miss or make up for the lack of fresh air.
Of course, you will still see some sunshine from the glass ceiling, but this roof View is open
Round due to its enclosed environment.
If you are a guest in the hotel, relax in the padded recliner after a free swim.
If that\'s not the case, $150 a day.
If it didn\'t have some sort of artistic component, it wouldn\'t be the Lower East Side.
That\'s why 60 Lower East Side adds a tiny Andy Warhol to the pool scene-you can see the artist looking up at you from the bottom of the pool.
The deck space around the art fountain focuses on Orange and is open seasonally for hotel guests only.
This hotel pool is only open to the public on weekends for the biggest party of the week-Jimmy pool party.
Although at this event you may have to be friendly with your neighbors-which is notoriously crowded-the view of the city center makes the whole scene worth it.
Bonus: There is no cover for this party and you can book some extra space for up to six people.
The pool is probably just an accessory to Mr.
But that doesn\'t mean it\'s not worth going.
He can be said to be the best roof view in the city.
At the Hotel Indigo, purple is usually the roof of the explosion for a day of drinking and partying.
The pool occupies a small corner of the roof space, but the Empire State Building and a world trade can be seen directly from its waters.
Buy a recliner for $50 a day or book a room for the full Indigo Hotel.
The rooftop pool of this boutique hotel may share deck space with the hotel\'s bar and grill, but that doesn\'t mean it\'s not one of the biggest attractions of an American hotel.
\"La Piscine\" is 22 feet long and 4 feet deep, surrounded by bright yellow recliner.
You can book a cabin for your party and if you\'re lucky, you\'ll find a place on the weekend when the pool is open for free.
During the week, the pass for the day was only $40, so it was a real city theft.
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