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Items not listed here but not available as shown in the figure.
Items similar to antiques and antiques are often available from listed dealers. (T)
Means that the goods are for trade use only.
The House of the House; studioilse. com.
Landscape design of rich landscaperichlandscapes. net.
1 vintage Florian Schultz arc floor lamp of stdibs (similar); 1stdibs. com.
Josef Frank Liljevalch Sofa Svenskt Tennessee. svenskttenn. se.
Vintage Arne Jacobsen rattan chair from 1 stdibs.
Josef Frank has prepared 647 stools and 2139 cocktail tables for Svenskt Tenn.
Gerrit Thomas Rietveld 637 President of Utrecht club from Cassina; cassina. com.
Carpet of Luke Owen; lukeirwin. com.
On the wall, on the panel, on the pipe paint of row & Ball; farrow-ball. com.
Sofa for Axel Vervoordt; axel-vervoordt. com.
Custom brass strips are made by studiilse; studioilse. com.
Hans Wegener of Father\'s Chair and stool of PP mobile bear;
Design stores in Denmarkcom.
Studio Ilse for custom mirrors and bathtubs; studioilse. com. Zacherl-
52 version 1903 ceiling light from Woka; woka. com.
Piet bathtub accessories and Bistrot towel rack in Volevatch; volevatch. com.
Carl aubck Trunk Side Table of 1 stdibs; 1stdibs. com.
In Jeanette\'s study, the Wall is the Hardwick white paint of Farrow & Ball; farrow-ball. com.
An armchair with 836 Pezzi Tre wool from Casina Franco Albini. cassina. com.
St-trestle tablePaul Home; home-st-paul. com.
The main bathroom, custom vanity and cabinets of studiilse; studioilse. com.
Wall lights by Michael annastades;
Michael Anna Stasicom.
Piet sink accessories for Volevatch; volevatch. com. Custom sapele-
Studioilse of solid wood cabinets; studioilse. com.
Custom made Aurora Marble Calacatta island; studioilse. com.
Accessories for Volevatch Bistrot sink; volevatch. com.
Custom cabinets for Piet Hein Eek; pietheineek. nl.
Works by Charles melesh design studio
Charles meleshcom.
Art consultancy by Sigrid Kirk of the art company; arts-co. com.
Abelle split sofa, Walnut Flat cocktail table, Cafe side table (right); all by BDDW; bddw. com.
On a custom bookcase, apply a blue blood paint with paper and paint;
Paper paint. co. uk.
Kavir carpet for E15; e15. com.
Brodie Neil\'s top deck; brodieneill. com.
Sitting in the chair of Pierre Jeanette
Fortunately, mix in old roses (T); fortuny. com.
Patch carpet made by Faye Toogood for CCTapis; cc-tapis. com.
On the sofa, Ma Mao, medium ash, Claremont furniture (T);
Claremontfurnithing. com.
Ionik stool extracted from the substance by Oevffice; mattermatters. com. J. T.
Floor Lamp Kalmar Hase BL (right)
Perfect from the future;
Perfect future. com.
On landing, the candy Cube Side Table of Sabin Marcellis; etageprojects. com.
Custom Mobile chandelier by Michael Vasiliu army;
Michael Anna Stasicom.
Black blue paint from far & Ball in the main bathroom, cabinet; farrow-ball. com.
Cloud 19 pendant through the device;
Apparatusstudio. com.
Michael annastades\'s wall lamp.
In the master bedroom, on the closet door, hand-
Custom color painted badminton chinoiserie wallpaper (de Gournay (T); degournay. com.
On the retro Fritz Hansen sofa, lamb wool from the gallery of Dansk mobelconster; dmk. dk.
On the wall, the cylinder swing arm rotates through the equipment.
Independent wooden wallpaper on the wall, full of vitality;
East Timorese. com.
On the blackboard, Green & Ball\'s Green smoke paint; farrow-ball. com.
The captain\'s mirror of BDDW; bddw. com.
Wall Light of Original BTC; originalbtc. com.
Wall of Far & Ball, blue paint in oval room; farrow-ball. com.
On the vintage Gio Ponti table, on the aquire and Pier
Version of Snoopy light from Flos; usa. flos. com.
Charles and Ray Ames, office chairs with cushions; hermanmiller. com.
Rabari rug produced by Nipa Doshi Jonathan Levien for Nanimarquina; nanimarquina. com.
Michael S. Smith Inc. ;
Michael Smithcom.
Buildings designed/built by Hartman Baldwin; hartmanbaldwin. com.
Landscape design of interior gardeninnergardens. com.
McAllen single
Ralph Lauren\'s line chandelier is visually comfortable; circalighting. com.
The golden marble kitchen island of Calacatta from stonglan; stonelandusa. com.
Customized floor tiles from local tiles and ceramics; nativetile. com.
Henry II armless counter stool for Gregorius | Pineo (T); gregoriuspineo. com;
Gato faux leather in Kravet (T); kravet. com.
On the cabinet, white paint from far & Ball; farrow-ball. com.
Custom ventilation hood for Inox Creative Metal Products; inoxcm. com. Range by Wolf; subzero-wolf. com.
Linen curtains for Nattier Indore, Pierre Frey (T); pierrefrey. com.
Tables and chairs (similar)
From FAO Schwartz; faoschwarz. com.
The Amalfi adjustable chain back sofa and recliner provided by Janus et Cie; janusetcie. com.
On the sofa, the Indian Garden of Jasper, the ordinary acrylic in green (T);
Michael Smithcom.
Giati elements of the Zambezi river moss and boardwalk honey acrylic sofa pillow (T); giatielements. com.
Jasper (acrylic recliner in Indian Garden, green)T).
Litchfield cocktail table for century furniture outdoors by Bunny Williams;
Century furniture. com.
Phoenix chandelier by Paul Ferrante (T); paulferrante. com.
Custom club chairs by Jasper (T);
Michael Smithcom;
Custom Fabrics in Studio 4, New York (T); studiofournyc. com.
Chen JF\'s cocktail table; jfchen. com.
Carlyle floor lamp in Jasper (T).
Antique Black console for Balsamo antiques;
Balsamoantiques. com. Seventeenth-
Century Roman Manor from dominguo Castle
Castle. com.
Entry ani chandelier, collected by Hélène Aumont (T); heleneaumont. com.
On the floor, black and white marble tiles from delicate surfaces; xsurfaces. com.
In the family room, Jasper custom sofa (T);
Michael Smithcom; Veneto rayon-
Oak Cotton at Rose tarot Melrose House (T); rosetarlow. com.
On the Bobbin recliner by aesthetic means (T); aestheticdecor. com;
Rose Indian linen by Lee Jofa (T); kravet. com.
A one-to-quarter radius cocktail table provided by Atelier demiurge;
Demiurgenewyork. com.
On the Negresco stool of Hélène Aumont Collection (T)
Jasper (Parma leather in maroon)T).
Linen curtains for Nattier Indore, Pierre Frey (T); pierrefrey. com.
Inlaid cabinets from affordable antiques; jonathanburden. com.
SCDS moon altar lights on green grass (T); scdsltd. com.
Philip Jeffries on the wall of African Raffia grasscloth in Capri Nature Park (T);
Philip Jeffriescom;
There are custom templates.
Collier Weber (T); collierwebb. com.
Antique walnut and mahogany console at the home of Antonio Obera;
Iosbellacasa. com.
In the gallery, embroidered fabric curtains by Piemont, collection by Guy Goodfellow, sea foam;
Guygoodfellowcollection. com.
The bridge crane lantern is right by Jerry (T); jerrypair. com.
Key Club chairman Jasper (T);
Michael Smithcom;
A striped sheet, Zhanbo network, by Holland and Sherry (T); hollandsherry. com.
On the pool deck, on the Amalfi recliner designed by Janus et Cie; janusetcie. com;
Jasper (Indian garden stripe acrylic, green)T).
Raf son wicker sofa starting a business in Liuzhi Paradise Lane; wickerparadise. com;
Ishi acrylic resin, exposed to sunlight, by SUGEN plants (T);
The fabric of eternity. com.
Painting touch interior decoration by John Drian of John Drian company; johnderian. com.
Vintage furniture, decorations, lighting, textiles and carpets from John Derian Co.
Thrown by Jeanette Farrier;
Jeanettefarrier. com.
A feather chair designed by John Derian for Cisco Brothers; ciscobrothers. com.
On the retro sofa (left)
Ann drichel embroidered pillow from John Drian; johnderian. com.
On the mantel, paper is placed next to the green vase of John Drian.
On the wall, paint with row & Ball drops; farrow-ball. com.
John Derian\'s butterfly armchair for the Cisco Brothers; ciscobrothers. com.
Mirror shadow pendant and candy light fixture in kitchen (over sink)
All of this was written by Robert Ogden for John driane. ; johnderian. com.
In the living area, on-site benches and Bay sofas, all provided by John Drian of Cisco Brothers; ciscobrothers. com.
On the antique console (in background)
An antique lamp that Robert Ogden redesigned for John Drian
In an antique armchairleft)
Antoinette Poisson\'s pillow
Antonettepoisson. com.
John Derian\'s Brooke sofa for Cisco Brothersciscobrothers. com;
Anke Drechsel embroidered pillow by John Derian Co. ; johnderian. com.
On the wall is the Mole breathing painting painted by Mole & Ball; farrow-ball. com.
On the Plume slippers chair designed by John Derian for Cisco Brothers, sable linen, Libeco (T); libeco. com.
Retro oil lamp (as pendant)
Robert Ogden wrote it for John driane.
Modern Miami architecture and interior design by Peter Marino Architects;
Architect Peter Marianocom.
Landscape design of Nievera Williams Landscape Architecture
Nieverawilliams. com.
Custom leather gaming tables, club chairs, bronze boxes, sofas and carpets;
Architect Peter Marino;
Architect Peter Marianocom.
The game tables around, vintage chairs by Eugéne Printz.
Joanna Grawunder of lighting; grawunder. com.
The wooden table of Mozambique customized by Peter Marino Architect;
Architect Peter Marianocom.
On the Kaare Klint chair, the decals are customized by Peter Marino architects.
Bronze Box console by Peter Marino architects.
Custom marble and lime floor by Peter Marino Architects;
Architect Peter Marianocom.
Custom sinks, accessories and stainless steel in main bathroomsteel vanity;
Architect Peter Marino;
Architect Peter Marianocom.
In the master bedroom, bed and headboard, side table and carpet;
Architect Peter Marino.
Wendell Castle Triad Chair (similar)
From Friedman Bendar. friedmanbenda. com.
Low quartz cocktail tables in Juan and Paloma Garrido; garridogallery. com.
Custom sofa, portable-painted silks;
Leather armchair; and carpet;
Architect Peter Marino;
Architect Peter Marianocom.
Custom pillows for Japanese antique textiles designed by Peter Marano architects.
Swimming pool design by Peter Marino Architects
Architect Peter Marianocom.
Adjustable recliner designed by Richard Schulz for Noel; knoll. com.
G\'s dad time buildingP.
Architect; gpschafer. com.
On the sofa, Ralph Lauren\'s olive sarnan herringbone acrylic;
Ralphlaurenhome. com.
At the cocktail table, Damask cotton from the ground floor
The carbon mixture of Ralph Lauren\'s house.
Antique sofa, fabric from the mood; moodfabrics. com.
G. Custom steel doorP.
Architect; gpschafer. com;
Manufacturing by optimizing the window; optimumwindow. com.
G. Custom Hood and cabinetsP.
Architect; gpschafer. com.
Castle 165 series in La Cornue; lacornueusa. com.
Vintage holographic ceiling lamp repaired by AnnMorris Inc. ;
Annmorrislighting. com.
Clay farmhouse sink in Shau; rohlhome. com.
On the wall, subway tiles made by Nemo Tile Co. ; nemotile. com.
In the living room, Bonneville\'s motorcycle came in triumph;
Victory motorcyclecom.
In the breakfast area by G. P.
Architect; gpschafer. com.
In the master bedroom, on the wall, custom hand-Hand painted Chinese-
Gracie designed wallpaper (T); graciestudio. com. Bed (similar)by RH; rh. com.
Palmer bedding at Ralph Lauren\'s house;
Ralphlaurenhome. com.
Under the bed, the TV cabinet of G. P.
Architect; gpschafer. com. In bath, tub (
Custom surround)
Water plants and accessories; waterworks. com.
B suit fabric curtainsBlack & Sons; bblackandsons. com.
G. Custom MantelP.
Architect; gpschafer. com. Throw pillows (similar)
Ralph Lauren\'s home
Ralphlaurenhome. com.
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