17 unique lights to upgrade your kitchen without a costly renovation

by:C.E.T     2020-01-21
In any room in your home, lighting is one of the most transformative elements.
With the right lighting and decor style, you can set the tone you want, whether it\'s a bright and airy living room, a dark and changeable bedroom or a well
Bright bathroom for morning preparation.
Especially the kitchen, is a room that can benefit a lot from the right lighting.
This is a place where you carefully prepare meals and get together with friends and family for dinner, so you will want to make sure that the space is not only illuminated properly, but it is also suitable for the decor style of your home, so it\'s ready for entertainment and enjoyment.
From modern chandeliers to a string of chandeliers, to modern wall lights and industrial lamps, the lighting design of the kitchen has many unique ideas to choose from.
The best thing is that most people are actually relatively easy to install themselves or professionals.
So while a new piece can completely change your space, it won\'t be a major design project.
If you\'re ready to change, keep reading through 17 unique kitchen lighting concepts that will definitely have an impact.
16 \"oil-
Rubbed bronze dome pendant ($599)
This custom item from Rejuvenation is stylish and modern with matte black finish.
Thanks to the brass hardware around the dome shadow, it also has a slightly industrialized look.
Chandelier CB2 Nassa ($299)
Blend into the rattan trend with this bohemian style
Pendant lights from the rebbasket.
No matter where you hang, the texture of nature immediately adds warmth and interest.
CB2 Firefly 5 bulb brass chandelier ($229)
Whether it\'s hanging on the kitchen island, on the table or on the countertop, these copper ball pendants will be impressive.
They are the equivalent of industrial and modern, and adjustable wire lengths can create a neat or eclectic look.
West Elm sculpture glass faceted flu Mountain ($63)
While kitchen lighting is a bit unusual, you can try to replace traditional embedded lighting with some embedded devices.
This product from West Elm has truly unique geometric edges.
Cage Carson 12 \"rope pendant with Cage ($247)
This copper penny pendant has a light, retro industrial feel.
Inspired by the late 19 th century warehouse lights, it looks amazing in the country kitchen.
Xi Yu Mu Duo pendant ($140)
If you can\'t make a decision between the Earth
Why not put these two elements together?
This is exactly what the duo pendant of West Elm did.
The work itself or several pieces in a row look lovely.
Ikea sjuttife chandelier lampshade ($10)
If you want to go to bohemian
Inspired by the appearance of the kitchen, this paper pendant lampshade comes from Ikea.
This is an affordable and unique kitchen lighting concept
Cool girls everywhere are losing it under this trend.
Central West Elm curve
Century chandelier ($319)
If you have mid in your family-
This curved chandelier is a modern decoration of the century.
It has three shells.
The tone of the shape can be adjusted to where you want it.
It looks chic on the kitchen table and even on the countertop.
Collective Melt pendant Tom Dixon and front design ($825)
Designed by Tom Dixon, this irregularly shaped copper pendant light features his signature style and shiny finish.
Hanging a trio above the kitchen table looks chic.
Revitalize the rectangular naked bulb chandelier of Radcliffe 40 ($1599)
Make a statement with this large, bare bulb chandelier.
This is a contemporary work focused on gold hardware and clear suspension that makes it look effortless to float.
Spun Anello 12 \"spinning cone pendant ($263)
This unique kitchen light fixture is designed for minimalists.
To mimic the look of the two rotating top connections, this product is designed by Brendon Farrell to give a warm, glowing light.
Antique brass LED chandelier West Elm lamp pole ($399)
This modern chandelier is functional and stylish, offering LED lighting and a sculptural effect of three divergent rods.
If you want a fresh design
Looking ahead, consider this unique style of kitchen lighting.
Henl Henningsen of Louis Paulson lighting PH5 mini chandelier ($698)
This popular pendant design comes from the mid-
Modern century.
It features a mini size and is perfect for hanging in multiples above the kitchen counter or island.
Glass Ball Pendant of West Elm sculpture ($79)
This globe pendant works above the kitchen counter.
Try using three in a row to get a coherent look.
CB2 striped faux leather pendant light ($299)
This striped faux leather pendant light is free of charge
Stylish kitchen space.
Designed by Ceci Thompson, fun and hassle-free while maintaining a refined and undeniable cool.
Pablo design Bora pendant ($395)
Nothing is more elegant and modern than a unique array of chandeliers in the kitchen.
This design uses flat elements to make a beautiful contrast to the earth lights below.
This is an amazing, futuristic decoration.
West Elm blush sculpture metal pendant ($79)
With a soft blush color, this metal pendant feels like a mature version of millennial pink.
It can stand alone above the table or work in groups above the counter.
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